Three Faces of Italy: the Courageous, the Quirky, and the Dark

For lovers of Italy we would like to recommend three very different books which reveal the story of the women of the Italian Resistance, the wonders of Siena and the dark and surprising underworld of Italian football.

A HOUSE IN THE MOUNTAINS: The Women who Liberated Italy from Fascism

Caroline Moorehead

Less well-known than the French Resistance, the Italian Resistance played a hugely important part in the defeat of Germany in the Second World War. Where it differed was in the number of women in its ranks. This tells the story of four such women, living as partisans in the mountains around Turin in a time of danger, violence, and corruption but also a time of camaraderie, pride and optimism for the women who had proved themselves in a hitherto men’s world.

£20 Hardback


Hisham Matar

For many years Hisham Matar had been intrigued by the Sienese School of painting, visiting the National Gallery in his lunch hours to study each painting in detail. He spends a month in Siena to study the paintings there but this is much more than a reflection on art, more a work in praise of Siena generally. He lives in a flat in an old palazzo, learns Italian and walks the city, appreciating everything he sees. An evocative and charming book.

£12.99 Hardback

ULTRA: The Underworld of Italian Football

Tobias Jones

Having written astutely on the dark heart of Italy, Tobias Jones now turns his attention to the dark heart of Italian football. Joining the ultras of a small town in the far South he discovers the inside story of these extreme football fans and their links to murder, drug-dealing, charity and religion. Riveting and revealing.

£20 Hardback

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