Knitting and Sewing Without a Christmas Jumper in Sight

A novel centred round Cathedral kneelers, a woolly history of Britain and a glimpse into the world of Savile Row – what more could any aspiring seamstress or tailor desire?


Tracy Chevalier

A visit to Winchester Cathedral in 1932 changes Violet’s life. She mourns for her brother and fiancé and hates the ‘surplus woman’ position she occupies in society; her office job at least provides employment and independence but she feels there must be more. Meeting the broderers, women embroidering the cathedral kneelers, Violet discovers a new life which intensifies with the threat of a second Great War. Subtle, moving and intriguing.

£14.99 Hardback, signed copies available

THIS GOLDEN FLEECE: A Journey Through Britain’s Knitted History

Esther Rutter

As a child Esther Rutter learnt how to spin, weave and knit. Sometimes regarded as hobbies, for many years these skills were vital to the survival of thousands of people working in farms, workshops and factories. Travelling the length of Britain this book tells the extraordinary history of the country through wool, how it shaped our landscape and, even today, influences our lives.

£16.99 Hardback

HENRY POOLE & CO.: The First Tailor of Savile Row

James Sherwood

Anyone who is anyone is dressed by Henry Poole: from nineteenth-century kings and maharajas to twenty-first-century hedge-fund billionaires and pop stars. Still owned by the founding family, they have dressed Bram Stoker and Wilkie Collins, J. P. Morgan and the Rothschilds. A hundred and fifty illustrations accompany James Sherwood’s revealing text linking power and style as never before.

£35 Quarterbound hardback, signed copies available

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