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We like to think that our own books make perfect presents. The latest addition to the Hatchards Library provides a seasonal mystery and the Christmas Hatchards Edition is an unusual and hilarious war memoir.



Nicholas Blake

In the midst of the harsh winter of 1941 Georgia, wife of private detective Nigel Strangeways, receives a surprising invitation: to go to stay with her cousin Clarissa to investigate the unusual behaviour of a cat. Once there, the cat is the least of their worries, as murder, suicide and of course the abominable snowman take centre stage. Nigel’s old friend Detective-Inspector Blount of the Scotland Yard CID is called in but it is Nigel’s brain that unravels the tangled crime.

Cecil Day Lewis was an academic and poet laureate and, under the pseudonym of Nicholas Blake, writer of ingenious, literate and cultured mysteries.

£12.99 Limited Hatchards edition with a green cloth binding, gold foil dust jacket and exclusive William Morris endpapers. 2,000 numbered copies

The children, side by side, leaned out of the window. As they watched, the crack at the top of the snowman’s head deepened. A segment of snow slid, smoothly as a camera shutter, off its face. Its face ought to have gone. But it was still there. The squat, shapeless snowman still had a face – a face almost as white as the snow which had covered it, the dead, human face of someone who shouldn’t have been there at all.’

ADOLF HITLER: My Part in His Downfall

Spike Milligan

For Spike Milligan the way to deal with the horrors of war was to laugh. This is the first of his wartime memoirs and takes us from the outbreak of war in 1939 to the moment when he landed in Algiers in 1943. From the moment the book opens we know we are in safe hands with the astute reasoning that the war must have been caused by ‘something we said’ – no in-depth political analysis or heavy diplomacy here. Gunner Milligan was unenthusiastic, apart from when he was playing jazz or enjoying the company of young ladies but even that didn’t always go according to plan; on one occasion the lorry in which they had hidden drove off before they realised what was happening. Irreverent but evocative, this is a unique war memoir.

£12.99 Hatchards limited edition with a green cloth binding, 2,000 copies

I suppose you know you are three months late?”

I’ll make up for it sir, I’ll fight nights as well!”

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