Extra! Extra! New titles for the Hatchards Christmas Catalogue!

Gorgeous new books arrive here at Hatchards every day, so here is a little selection of some of the best that we think might make perfect Christmas gifts!

British Designers at Home

Jenny Rose-Innes


A beautiful ‘through the keyhole’ presentation of over twenty contemporary interior designers and decorators working in Britain, and – fantastically – of their own homes. Definitely a book for the curious, this is packed with ideas and inspiration from classic to cutting-edge.


The Library: A World History

James Campbell & Will Pryce


Architectural historian James Campbell and leading photography Will Pryce join forces to create a hymn to eighty greatest libraries in the world. From ancient Rome to the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris, these are libraries as art, combining literary inheritance with painting, sculpture, furniture and dazzling buildings.


The Motorcycle: Art, Design, Desire

Ultan Guilfoyle


Throughout the world, motorcycles have become established icons of modernity, individuality and personal freedom. Exploring the evolution of their design since the 19th century (and including brilliant photography), Guilfoyle also looks to the future as climate change stimulates further innovation.


Shaping the World: Sculpture from Prehistory to Now

Antony Gormley & Martin Gayford


Stimulating, provocative and enlightening, Antony Gormley and Martin Gayford discuss humanity’s self-expression through the making of sculpture. From the dawn of time (Lion Man, c. 35,000 BCE) and from across the world (via Michelangelo, the Terracotta Warriors, Rodin and Marcel Duchamp), this is a spectacular artistic voyage.


STRATA: William Smith’s Geological Maps

foreword by Robert MacFarlane


This sumptuous volume showcases William Smith’s 1815 hand-coloured map, A Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland, and illustrates the story of his career, from apprentice to fossil collector to his detailed county map-making that combines scientific accomplishment and literary prowess.


Types and Shadows: Diaries 2004-2015

Sir Roy Strong


Roy Strong, national treasure, plots the eleven years covered in this volume from a state deep grief following the death of his wife. With huge determination, strength and creativity, this window into his world, reveals projects, books, exhibitions and his appointment as Companion of Honour. Now in his 80s, Strong remains as vital as ever.


What is Cooking: The Action: Cooking; The Result: Cuisine

Ferran Adria


Leading us on a compelling journey into our relationship with food, ground-breaking chef Ferran Adria interweaves science, chemistry and technology to create a revolutionary vision of cuisine. A fascinating reflection of the essence of cooking from the elBullifoundation.


The Noble Rot Book: Wine from another Galaxy

Dan Keeling & Mark Andrew


Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew, the duo behind London’s Noble Rot, begin with the basics on what to look for in wine, then lead us on to a tour of European vineyards. From the natural wine movement to the iconic states of Bordeaux and Burgundy, this is a brilliantly accessible wine guide.


To order any of these books, please telephone the shop on 020 7439 9921 or email books@hatchards.co.uk – we look forward to hearing from you.

For our full Christmas selection, please visit our Catalogue page here.



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