ORIENT EXPRESS: The Story of a Legend

by Guillaume Picon

The Orient Express was the first train to connect Paris to Istanbul, opening vistas of the East and all its exotic wonders and quickly earning the title ‘the king of trains, the train of kings’. Transporting the reader back to the golden age of travel, with nearly three hundred illustrations and a wealth of stories (real and fictional), this book is a worthy tribute to a legendary train.

£40 Hardback

IN MY MIND’S EYE: A Thought Diary

by Jan Morris

At the start of her ninth decade Jan Morris began to keep a diary of her thoughts. Reflecting on books and music, sunshine and cars, she is as perceptive, witty, knowledgeable and kind as ever. A delightful collection by one of our greatest travellers and historians.


CITY OF LIGHT: The Reinvention of Paris

by Rupert Christiansen

The Paris one sees now was largely created by Baron Haussmann, at the instigation of Emperor Napoleon III. The slums were swept away and a new city was created with an opulent opera house at its centre. Packed with illustrations, this absorbing volume is part of the Landmark Library, a series of books on the achievements of humankind from the Stone Age to the present day.

£18.99 Hardback


by Edward Brooke-Hitching

Imagine finding an old chest, opening it and discovering a magnificent ancient map. That is what every page of this glorious book is like, with mermaids and sea monsters threatening the intrepid adventurers. From Ancient Babylonia to buccaneers on the high seas, with collapsible globes and unique maps from private collections, this is a history of exploration like no other.

£25 Hardback

SOMETHING OF HIS ART: Walking to Lȕbeck with J. S. Bach

by Horatio Clare

In the winter of 1705 Johann Sebastian Bach embarked on a two hundred and fifty- mile walk to visit the composer Dieterich Buxterhude in Lȕbeck. Over three hundred years later Horatio Clare recreates the walk with the young composer as his ghostly companion. An evocative and imaginative description of two journeys.

£12 Hardback

ARABIA: A Journey Through the Heart of the Middle East

by Levison Wood

Following the footsteps of great Arabists such as Lawrence of Arabia and Wilfred Thesiger, Levison Wood circumnavigated the Arabian Peninsula. As he travelled through the harsh but beautiful lands he reflects on the changes they have seen and the untold stories that never reach the media. A perceptive and enthralling five thousand-mile journey.

£25 Hardback

OTTOMAN ODYSSEY: Travels Through a Lost Empire

by Alev Scott

The eight hundred-year rule of the Ottomans ended a century ago but, as Alev Scott discovers when she travels the area of the ancient empire, their influence lives on. From Kosovo to Egypt and Palestine, in palaces, cafes and refugee camps, she uncovers a story of surprises.

£20 Hardback