PORSCHE 70 YEARS: There is no Substitute

by Randy Leffingwell

Considered one of the top Porsche historians Randy Leffingwell has produced a book which does these magnificent cars full justice. Including interviews with key personnel it gives a complete, and occasionally surprising, history. Rare images from Porsche’s archive and studio photography by Michael Furman make the book as beautiful as it is informative.

£45 Hardback


by Simon Jenkins

From the charm of the cottage at Caterham to the grandeur of St Pancras, Britain’s railway stations include some of the most splendid and varied architecture in the country. With Simon Jenkins’ descriptions and over a hundred and fifty colour illustrations, this is a book that will make you want to travel, at least as far as the station.

£25 Hardback


by Andrew Noakes

David Brown’s initials have graced the fast, elegant and achingly cool cars of Aston Martin for seventy years. Despite their fame in Bond films the car’s history was not a smooth one, as Andrew Noakes discloses in this meticulously researched, extensively illustrated and suitably stylish book.

£45 slipcased hardback

TAKING TO THE AIR: An Illustrated History of Flight

by Lily Ford

From winged medieval visionaries jumping from towers to supersonic jets and rockets landing on the moon, this is a story of dreams coming true, or spectacularly crashing to earth. It focuses on the spectators and passengers, seeing flight as a spectacle and performance, and is illustrated with woodcuts, photographs, paintings, post cards and posters from the British Library’s extensive collection.

£25 Hardback

ORIENT EXPRESS: The Story of a Legend

by Guillaume Picon

The Orient Express was the first train to connect Paris to Istanbul, opening vistas of the East and all its exotic wonders and quickly earning the title ‘the king of trains, the train of kings’. Transporting the reader back to the golden age of travel, with nearly three hundred illustrations and a wealth of stories (real and fictional), this book is a worthy tribute to a legendary train.

£40 Hardback

EREBUS: The Story of a Ship

by Michael Palin

Constructed in Pembroke, HMS Erebus took part in Ross’ Antarctic expedition of 1839-43. Abandoned during Franklin’s ill-fated Arctic expedition its wreck was discovered in 2014. Michael Palin tells the story of the ship and her crews, visiting the locations and using maps, paintings and engravings to illustrate this epic tale.

£20 Hardback

CLASSIC CARS: A Century of Masterpieces

by Simon de Burton

From the Citroen 2CV to the Aston Martin Lagonda, each decade from the thirties onwards has produced milestone cars. Not necessarily the fastest, rarest or most valuable, these are the truly desirable cars of the past century. This magnificent book, with details of each car and sumptuous photographs, does these vehicles full justice.

£40 Hardback