EQUINE JOURNEYS: The British Horse World

by Hossein Amirsadeghi

The British horse world encompasses all types, from the Commoners who own the wild New Forest ponies to the heels and hats of Royal Ascot. Polo Clubs, pony clubs and breeders of all types of horses rub shoulder in this glorious book with over eighty personal profiles and seven hundred illustrations.

£35 Hardback


by Steve Thompson

Do not be fooled by the title and cover of this book; it is a serious and indispensable guide to becoming a polo player. Without training, as Steve Thompson charmingly puts it, you are simply watching the sport from a furry sofa. His twenty-five years as a coach will enable you to ride properly, become an excellent player and, most importantly, look cool whilst doing so.

£25 Paperback

GOING TO THE MATCH: The Passion for Football

by Duncan Hamilton

As the World Cup showed this year, football really matters. Award-winning sports writer Duncan Hamilton spent a year visiting clubs worldwide to work out why it is always more than just a game. An absorbing read for players, spectators and even those who can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

£25 Hardback

ENGLAND: The Biography, the Story of English Cricket 1877-2018

by Simon Wilde

England first played Test match cricket with a team largely composed of amateurs with strong county loyalties. Today the story is very different but the individuality of the players, and their diversity, is still crucial to the team. Cricket is bound up with English identity and this story is also the story of England itself.

£25 Hardback

NO SPIN: My Autobiography

by Shane Warne with Mark Nicholas

When, in 2000, Wisden picked their five Cricketers of the Century, Shane Warne was the only one still playing. Always a controversial figure, he talks with disarming honesty in this autobiography about everything from the start of his career in 1992 to his official retirement in 2013.

£20 Hardback