Photography & Fashion

RARE & UNSEEN: A Portfolio of Vintage Prints

by Terry O’Neill

Terry O’Neill is one of Britain’s greatest photographers. He has selected a range of vintage prints from his extensive archive, many of which have never been seen before. Unlike many photographers in the age of physical prints he kept as many as he could, unaware that in fifty years they would be a valuable record of the times. These images include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Faye Dunaway, Robert Redford and, of course, David Bowie, to name but a few.

The magnificent deluxe edition is limited to 300 copies. Packaged in a slip case, each one includes a signed letter of authenticity and an artist stamped print of a rare outtake of Faye Dunaway from the iconic The Morning After shoot. This edition is a bookstore-exclusive to Hatchards.

£500 Exclusive limited edition
£75 Hardback

WHEN ZIGGY PLAYED THE MARQUEE: David Bowie’s Last Performance as Ziggy Stardust

by Terry O’Neill

Most people at the Marquee Club in October 1973 did not realise that it would be the last performance David Bowie would give as Ziggy Stardust. Terry O’Neill was given unprecedented access to document the event both on and behind stage and captures the spectacular costumes as well as Marianne Faithful and a host of other stars. Memories from key contributors and fans complete the picture of this extraordinary event.

£29.95 Hardback

DIOR & HIS DECORATORS: Victor Grandpierre, Georges Geffroy and The New Look

by Maureen Footer

Dior’s New Look, which was launched in 1947, reinvented fashion for a war-weary world. But before he dreamed of dresses, Dior envisaged houses; the new interiors of Victor Grandpierre and Georges Geffroy that he commissioned perfectly flattered his fashions. Their designs for Dior, and also Yves Saint Laurent, the Rothschilds, Maria Callas and many others, are discussed and displayed here with almost two hundred sumptuous illustrations.

£50 Hardback


by François Chaille

Over six hundred objects and drawings are reproduced in actual size in these breathtaking books. Contributions from experts at Cartier and specialist authors set the pieces in their historical contexts. A luxurious and landmark work describing perhaps the greatest jeweller of all, from the 1860s to the present.

£325 Two hardback volumes in a luxury slipcase


by Jackie Higgins and David Bailey (texts), introduction by Grace Coddington

David Bailey worked on two fashion shoots in Peru – the first in the sixties, the second in the late eighties. He was captivated by the natural beauty of the country and its people and, once the fashion shots were done, he headed off into the countryside. In colour and black-and-white, these photographs include lost landscapes, remarkable portraits and spectacular fashion imagery. A unique mixing of worlds.

£40 Hardback


by Don McCullen

Don McCullen’s landscapes are often unsettling. In this remarkable collection of photographs he captures both approaching storms and flooded lowlands near his home in Somerset and the glories and destruction of the great city of Palmyra.

£50 Hardback