History & Politics

CHURCHILL: Walking with Destiny

by Andrew Roberts

We may think we know Winston Churchill but Andrew Roberts’ new biography re-interprets the events of Churchill’s life, exposing his flaws and explaining his genius. He has used papers not available to previous biographers and is the first Churchill biographer to be granted access to the private diaries of King George VI. Stupendous.

£30 Hardback

NEIN!: Standing up to Hitler 1935-1944

by Paddy Ashdown

Hitler was convinced that he had been defeated because he had been betrayed from the inside. Paddy Ashdown shows how true or false this really this was, telling the stories of those in power who opposed the Führer and his policies. Based on newly-released files, this is a page-turning and revelatory history.

£25 Hardback

THE SPY & THE TRAITOR: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War

by Ben Macintyre

A Safeway’s carrier bag was the unlikely signal used by a spy needing to escape from Soviet Russia in 1985. He was a senior KGB officer and for more than a decade he had passed invaluable secrets to the British. A tale of espionage, betrayal and courage which changed the course of the Cold War and still resonates today.

£25 Hardback

PATRIOT OR TRAITOR: The Life & Death of Sir Walter Ralegh

by Anna Beer

Sir Walter Ralegh was one of the most colourful and controversial characters of the Tudor and Stuart ages; patriot and traitor are just two of the possible epithets. A courtier, explorer, poet and charismatic lover, his life ended on the executioner’s block. Anne Beer explains why in this brilliant new biography.

£18.99 Hardback


by Diarmaid MacCulloch

Thomas Cromwell described himself as a self-made ruffian but determination and talent meant that by the 1530s he was effectively running the country. Diarmaid MacCulloch’s biography is the most complete life ever written of this previously elusive figure, overthrowing many beliefs and suppositions.

£30 Hardback

THE COLOUR OF TIME: A New History of the World 1850-1960

by Dan Jones & Marina Amaral

Between 1850 and 1960 photography captured many of history’s pivotal moments, but nearly always in monochrome. Marina Amaral has created two hundred coloured photographs from the originals and Dan Jones has written an engrossing text that links the images. This is a new, brighter, and immediate look at history.

£25 Hardback