Travels with Herodotus by Ryszard Kapuscinski

The inclusion of a famous, eye-catching name in a title can at times appear arbitrary, a clever ploy to attract the attention of an unassuming audience. Travels with Herodotus is not an example of such a ploy. The Father of History pervades the entire work, skulking in the subconscious when not being explicitly referenced. Despite a two millennia intermission, there is an incredible similarity between the two writers that is deftly and often implicitly conveyed throughout the book. In between recollections of his own travels, Kapuscinski quotes from the Histories, studying Herodotus’ methods and describing the influence it had on his own views.

As with all of Kapuscinski’s books, it is not only an incredible narrative on modern debates and conflicts, it is also a breathtaking and spellbinding description of the places he visits and the people he meets. Though no previous reading of Herodotus is required, those familiar with the text will have their eyes opened to new meanings, new context. As Kapuscinski himself says: ‘one must read Herodotus’ book – and every great book – repeatedly; with each reading it will reveal another layer, previously overlooked themes, images and meanings. For within every great book there are several others’. Travels with Herodotus is one of these great books. With every read one will discover something different, something entirely new and unfamiliar. Something great.


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