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Bookseller Reviews

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Fast-paced and fun-filled
Ready. Steady. Split. If it isn't the hectic movement of tiles that has your brain in a spin, it's trying to remember which word to shout in time to be cr... READ MORE
Vanessa at Doncaster
Like Scrabble on Fast Forward!
Have you ever played Scrabble and thought: "Great game but I wish I didn't have to wait so long for the others to take their go"? Of course you have. Now t... READ MORE
RP Matt


Addictively simple, and simply addictive, have you discovered BANANAGRAMS yet?

A fast and frantic word game that tests players’ wordplay and invention, BANANAGRAMS pits opponents against each other in a race to the finish. Each player aims to use all of their letters first, building and rebuilding ever more elaborate word grids. The first player to use all of their tiles is crowned "Top Banana"!

Requiring no pencil, paper or board and packed in a handily transportable carry-case banana pouch, BANANAGRAMS is easy to play, simple to learn and perfect for playing at home or on the go.

Ready. Steady. Split!

1-8 players. Age 7+ years. Playing time 15 mins.

  • Publisher: Asmodee UK
  • ISBN: 0856739001159

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant game
We use this game every week on family games night. Our youngest is 7, we have a teen and everyone loves getting involved. Also the mini games they have com... READ MORE
melanie cross
Good Fun
Easy to play, nice, calm and enjoyable!
sophie alison
Fun family or solo game
This is such a useful game to have in the cupboard. It can be played by all ages alone or in a group. Amazing for travelling too as it doesn’t matter if ... READ MORE
Caroline Simpson
The only Banana you will ever need!
This game is indispensable! Suitable for any players age 7-107 years it will provide entertainment for hours without the hassle of any board, tile stands, ... READ MORE
Melanie Jackman
A great educational, family game!
Bananagrams is a fantastic game, great for taking away or playing at home, ideal for adults and an interesting challenge for children! I have two children... READ MORE
Lauren Abbott
Great family fun
This is a brilliant game for the whole family, that becomes strangely competitive very quickly
A million times better than scrabble
Wish I discovered this earlier. Always saw it but never bought it. It’s a million times more fun than scrabble in my opinion. My boys don’t like scrabble a... READ MORE
Vanessa Aaron
Fun game for all ages!
This is such a great game with so many ways you can play! Definitely a great game for the whole family!
Krystl Francis
Top Banana!
This game comes highly recommend by our whole family. From serious to hilariously funny we found everyone had a great time. Really glad we had the opportun... READ MORE
kym gibbons
Played with the grandkids. Youngest struggled a little but was great fun.
One of our favourite family games
Ever since we started playing this game, it has become one of our favourites. It is great fun and good for primary children too if they have a good vocabul... READ MORE
Mariella Hoekstra
Fun, versatile and great for travel
We really enjoyed playing this game as a family. It was great even for the youngest as unlike similar letter tile games it doesn't rely on having a great v... READ MORE
Sarah F
Engaging fun and easy to play
Bananagrams is the perfect game that makes learning fun for the younger ones as they race to become top banana! We love this game as it makes the perfect f... READ MORE
Prepare yourself for a peel-arious adventure with Bananagrams!
Prepare yourself for a peel-arious adventure with Bananagrams! This game is more than just a bunch of letters it's a riotous race against time and wit. Pic... READ MORE
Frances  Smith
Good value game. Great for travel
it comes in a portable bag for travel and storage. it is good for helping children to expand their vocabulary words etc. The tiles are very well made. grea... READ MORE
Eileen Teo
Fun game for all the family
Fun game for all the family to be involved in. Fun for kids and adults. Great family game night game to bring everyone together
Hayley Davidson
Fun for everyone
What a fun game. As a lover of all things words and puzzles, this game is right up my street. It’s also a game I can win, which gives it even more bonus po... READ MORE
Elysia Benn
Fun family game !
The fun this has bought for all the family ! Such a fun simplistic game for all ages , makes you really think but the fun tops it all of getting all fam... READ MORE
Samantha  Davis
Great family game!
Now usually its a nightmare to get my family (outside of my partner and child) to participate in any sort of game after dinner. They played a Harry Potter ... READ MORE
Robyn Bartlett
Fantastic & Fun Game!
I played this game twice so far - with my girls games night and with my husband and both times it was so much fun! It is a really different experience play... READ MORE
Francesca DelGuidice
Just like scrabble but instead of taking it in turns to add a word, you make your own scrabble like board and keep adding to it until you’ve used all the t... READ MORE
Liz Tester
Great game for spellers
My son’s enjoyed this games very much. It was quick paced and taught them new words to spell by mixing the tiles together. My youngest is dyslexic so he fo... READ MORE
Sarah Dunne
Great fun
We had so much fun playing this. It’s a great game for family time and it’s also educational. Definitely helped my daughter feel more confident about her s... READ MORE
angela hamilton
Great family fun!
We was kindly gifted this to try as part of a campaign from come round we had lots of fun playing this game you can play longer games as well i would recom... READ MORE
Jennifer  Kendall
Addictive word game for the whole family!
We absolutely love this game, both as adults and for playing with our children (aged 9 and 6). The games specifies from 7 but my daughter takes the tiles a... READ MORE
Elizabeth Clement
Bananas for Bananagrams
This game has always caught my eye, the packaging is brilliant! As a mum i love a game that is self contained and easy to throw in my bag it's also a bonus... READ MORE
Lana Hordle
Such an addictive game!
Love the fact that this one can be carried around wherever you go and is so easy to play, not to mention addictive. Bringing about the fun, competitiveness... READ MORE
Carol Correa
Easy Fun and educational
I played bananagrams with my 9 year old and we both enjoyed it. It's a fun and easy to learn word game which also helps with spelling and reading. You can... READ MORE
Fun Family Game!
Fun for all the family! Great game with no waiting for your turn!
Amy Hunt
Fun game with few options of play
We found this game really fun, although we had to change the gameplay slightly to enable the 7 year old to join us. There are several ways to play and you... READ MORE
Madeline Lacey
Family fun
We got this game and played with our 7 year old and it was great fun . Perfect for expanding his vocabulary and practicing spelling . We will definitely be... READ MORE
Teagan Griffin
We went bananas for this game
A game for 1-8 players , quick and easy read instructions. A fun game to play solo or with friends, it’s easy to pack away in its banana shaped pouch and... READ MORE
Susan Laws
Fun for all the family!
Myself and my daughter had lots of fun playing Bananagrams, it's a lot different to other games and exciting! It was really easy to get the hang of it.
Rebecca Bannister
Great family game
This game is highly addictive and fun for all the family! Also love the fact that no board is required to play it so you can take it anywhere to play.
Rebecca Champion
Fab family game even if you hate scrabble
To be honest I hate scrabble and at a glance it gave me these vibes, however I was so wrong, this can be as fast paced as you wish, you can play with one p... READ MORE
Katie Gleeson
Great family game!
We thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, we've played it as a four player as the players ranged from 6yrs - 42yrs. It was a little struggle for our 6 yr ol... READ MORE
Michelle Turner
Brilliant game for all the family
Bananagrams is a quick and easy fun game for all the family to join in and play its easy tomplay and pack away . So it’s brilliant as a holiday game as it ... READ MORE
Nicola Dimmock
Good family game
Had really high hopes for this and did find it enjoyable. It is a great way to get my youngest to play and practice her spelling and skill and fun for all ... READ MORE
nicola hunter
My family LOVED this game. Its easy to transport around so we can take it to the pub.
Zac Kelly Lord
Great family game great for holidays
We have trialed this game and totally loved it simple enough for all the family lots of giggles along the way. My daughter is 10 she enjoyed it and kept ... READ MORE
vikki Bond
Amazing game
I got this for my 7year old son and he has played it every day since receiving it. He is currently loving learning new spellings and using them in his wr... READ MORE
Sam T
Frenzied Family Fun
We were sent this game to try out and play with and as soon as I opened it I thought of scrabble. I had no knowledge of the game before but the instruction... READ MORE
Lian McNally
A Peeling good time
This is such an amazing game for the entire family whether you are a great speller using multiple tile letters or 3/4 letter words. All can enjoy the BANAN... READ MORE
Jenni Steele
Peeling fun
Super game for the family. Great that there is no turn taking involved. Keeps the game moving. Was brilliant for my son who struggles with spelling. We a... READ MORE
Sarah  Donaghy
Great fun for all the family
Bananagrams is fun for all ages! Even the little ones who can play along with a bit of assistance. Educational and exciting which is a rare combination. Th... READ MORE
Joanne Cudworth
Brilliant family game
This is a brilliant family game that comes in a little bag so can easily be carried on holiday, days out or just have on the shelf for a rainy day. It is f... READ MORE
Jennie  Bonham
Fast, fun and educational
Bananagrams is an amazing word game to add to your collection! I love that this game can be played as a group or on your own. It's also has many variatio... READ MORE
Great fun game for all ages and group sizes. Fab size and travel handy bag and tiles to be able to play anywhere. Great for spelling and competition!
Shannon Pearson
Fun for all the family
We played this game whilst on holiday and will continue to on family games nights. Everyone enjoy getting involved in the game our eldest two children and ... READ MORE
Natalya K
Fantastic Family Game!
Will you be TOP BANANA with this fantastic word game? Suitable for all the family (although recommended from age 7, our 6 year old loved playing), there’s ... READ MORE
Lucy Page
Addictive fun for the whole family!
My family all love this game. The rules are really easy to follow and we all picked it up straight away. Our children are 13 and 15 and they both love it, ... READ MORE
Sarah Turton
Fun exciting game
This game is such fun for all ages Really good to help with your vocabulary it’s a fast thinking game but lots of fun I would definitely recommend this... READ MORE
Cally Baker
Great Family Fun
Instructions are a little confusing to start with but we soon got the hang of it. My daughter who is almost 9 found it hard to begin with but a few game... READ MORE
Sima Chawda-Bell
fast and addictive brilliant game.
Love, love, love this fun, fast and addictive brilliant game. Can be played by two people, but much better with at least 4. Great game for all ages, and ca... READ MORE
Kelly Rose
Great for all ages
This has been a huge hit with everyone in my family. It's a great game for all ages.
Katherine Baulcomb
simple game, great fun
Got this game as part of a review campaign. Genuinely impressed by it's simplicity to learn but still a challenge to win. I played with my wife and 2 d... READ MORE
Kerr Brady
Top Banana
We love this game. Its amazing for spelling practice, but it fun and fast paced. So compact too so fab to take on the go.
Diane Radford
A fantastic word game for all the family!
Bananagrams is a fab game for all the family! We all loved it from ages of 7 to 70, and the game was easy to understand, quick to play and in a fun and uni... READ MORE
Zoe Sampson
Travel Friendly Word Game For All Ages......
Love this word game as its fun for all ages, it feels like a faster paced scrabble game but you play an an individual against your opponents. Comes in a z... READ MORE
J Mills
Excellent game
As a family, we really loved this game. It can be played by all ages and is great for the younger people in the family to improve their spelling and unders... READ MORE
Brilliant fun family game
Very good game reminds us of Scrabble without the adding up etc. which speeds the game up. It's very portable due to its small size too. The children loved... READ MORE
Natasha Bowden
So much fun
This game is so much fun for all of the family and we played this for hours one evening! I love how there are different ways to play the game and is easily... READ MORE
Alex Spurrier
Fun and easy to play
We absolutely LOVE Bananagrams! My children are 12, 11 and 8 and it has been our most requested game to play over the holidays. We took it to Grandma's and... READ MORE
N Plant
‘A fun for all’ kind of game!
This will forever be one of our ‘take on holiday’ games as there’s no board, no pencil and no paper needed so this game can be played anywhere! Its handy ... READ MORE
tanya Perry
Bananagrams is fab!
The whole family loved this game!! It's for age 7 plus, but even our 5 year old enjoyed playing along side us to try and create 3 letter words. I love ho... READ MORE
Caroline Wilshaw
A game for everyone
My family loved playing this game, easy to set up, quick and easy to learn instructions. What’s great about this game is it’s portable, you throw it in ... READ MORE
Sharon Rawlings
So versatile..anyone, anywhere.
I'm a primary school teacher and I often use my banagrams in various ways for vocabulary and spelling patterns..common blends, adding suffixes and prefixes... READ MORE
Fiona Haward
Perfect game to take on the move
Bananagrams has been an absolute hit in our household! From grandparents to our 5-year-old, everyone’s hooked. Not only is it incredibly fun and fast-paced... READ MORE
Linda Penfold
Amazing game
We absolutely love Bananagrams! It’s a really fun game that the whole family can enjoy, there are also a few different games within bananagrams that you ca... READ MORE
Marti Jeffs
We love this game!!! Kids had so much fun & perfect to learn new words!! Spent hours playing! Perfect to take away with you too!!! Definitely a fami... READ MORE
Shameena Sattaur
Perfect family game
This game is really fun, it is like a modern funny version of scrabble. I love that the winner is named TOP BANANA and the others can declare you a ROTTEN ... READ MORE
Kayleigh Wallace
Great fun
Bananagrams is a great family fun game, no pencils or pens required. Just get your letters and start making words. My son and daughter had a lot of fun pl... READ MORE
Mark Stealey
Fast pace
It was super fast pace and good fun. We were a large group so game ended quite quickly. Would recommend maybe 4 players.
Adele Mckiernan
Fantastic game for all ages
This game is amazing for young children and adults. Helps children to learn new words and with their spelling, My children have loved playing this game. Th... READ MORE
Shazeen Hussain
Perfect for family games on the go!
My kids have been playing this no stop since receiving it! Who knew spelling could be so much fun? Even if they're making up some, shall we say, interes... READ MORE
Really fun family game
This is a really fun family game. I love how competitive it is to race against each other.
ALISON Westley
Great family friendly game
I’ve enjoyed playing this game with my family. It’s great to take away with you if you are travelling as quite a small bag. And you can play the game quick... READ MORE
Alexandra Jennings
What a great game!
This is such a great game! Can be challenging and educational all at the same time which is perfect and my kids loved it! We even took it away on holiday w... READ MORE
Becky Cheater
Great for on the go!
This is a great fast pace game! Great for on the go as it fits in your bag! So perfect for holidays and meals out
Hannah Hegarty
Quick, Easy & Fun
A perfect game for all ages and abilities! Its super fun, simple and sometimes hilarious! I've played with this with my friends and family and everyone has... READ MORE
Colm Lambert
Brilliant game -easily transported
A fabulous game which can be played by all the family. The pieces come in a colourful banana shaped case which means it can be transported easily and play... READ MORE
Sue Barton
Fun spelling game
Love playing this game, it's good for adults and children and is a great size for taking on journeys. It's easy to play anywhere. It's also good to play wi... READ MORE
Claire Stott Witton
Great cupboard staple of a ‘board game’
This game is perfect for 7+ or confident children with their vocabulary. As well as family fun that can be had with playing the game for all ages, this ... READ MORE
Lucy Urey
Great for all ages
Great little game which is suitable for most ages and perfect to take on holiday. It is similar to scrabble in that you make words that interconnect, excep... READ MORE
Melanie Reynolds
Go Bananas for this!
Fun family game, easy to get involved and gets you thinking. We really enjoyed it and will definitely take it on trips with us as its convenient to travel ... READ MORE
hermione salmon
Gets the brain working!
Pro's of the game - -A wide age group range can play it -It tests your spellings -It tests for vocabulary -It can be taken anywhere (we take it on ho... READ MORE
Stacey  Leah
Amazing for all ages
My son absolutely loved playing bananagrams, we played games and practiced spelling & phonics.
chelsie watts
Fab game
What an absolutely great game So easy , so much fun . Love the bag it comes with and this makes it easily portable for holidays , journeys etc Would h... READ MORE
Sarah Braithwaite
Great fun for all the family
We love Banagrams! Myself and my kids 19, 12 and 10 really enjoyed the game. It’s fun, competitive and educational. Can be played different ways and adapte... READ MORE
Rebecca  Mercer
Great family game or for playing solo
Bananagrams is a fun and engaging word game to play with your friends and family, or by yourself. Putting your vocabulary skills to the test, you'll soon b... READ MORE
Victoria Stooke
Fun for ages 6+
This is a brilliant quick thinking game for any family that enjoys board games (recommend younger children can help play in teams unless they are confident... READ MORE
Siobhan Jones
From age 5 to age 105 this is the easiest and most engaging game on the market (in my opinion). Offering great value for money, Bananagrams is so easy to ... READ MORE
Mrs SandraB
So much fun and addictive.
We played this first with just 2 of us and thought it was good but then a couple of days later we played it with 5 of us and we loved it. It’s definitely m... READ MORE
Debbie Payne
Fab game for whole family
We absolutely loved this game, i have played by myself, with an 8 year old and as a couple, each time has been different but just as fun, I love the fact y... READ MORE
Holly Walker
Great game
It is such a great game! Really got our minds going and will be brilliant for when my son is learning to spell. Our favourite part of the game is how porta... READ MORE
Kelli Masters
Super fun!
My husband and I love board games and we've been addicted since we tried Bananagrams for the first time. Such a great past time and we are keeping score of... READ MORE
Mable Lew
Lots of giggles
We played this as a family of 4 the youngest being 7, we all had lots of fun and the children even beat us in some of the games. It was very competitive ... READ MORE
kayleigh konarczak
Excellent game
Bananagrams was so much fun. Quite competitive with the adults and also a great fun way to learn for the children too
Sarah Coleman
A quick-fire word game that tests your vocabulary
I have played this game with my family (including two teenagers) and with adult friends, and both groups have very much enjoyed playing it! It is game tha... READ MORE
James Gibbons
Fantastic family fun
This is so much fun to play! It's a fast paced game the whole family can enjoy together. Rounds are quick to play and the kids loved the challenge of tryin... READ MORE
Candice Adams
Great game!
This is a great. My kids are 8,10 and 12 and we all loved it. Love that it has an educational aspect, portable (so perfect for holidays!) and kids can play... READ MORE
Janine Bentley
We love Bananagrams!!
This is now one of our favourite games! It’s so quick and easy to play, but at the same time challenges your spelling and game play skills. It’s so portabl... READ MORE
Caroline Gibson
Top banana Fun on the go
This game is just endless portable fun! Highly recommended to anyone and everyone, this game definitely gets your brain working and gets those competitive... READ MORE
Melissa Grey
So much fun
We love bananagrams, it’s so fun and exciting and quite competitive lol My five year shocked me with just how many words he was familiar with, that’s the g... READ MORE
Laura  Murray
Great fun for the whole family
We took a copy of this on holiday and whilst the base game that the game comes with is fun, we had more fun playing a slight variation. We used this as a ... READ MORE
Jay Hutton
Fun for all the family
So much fun playing Bananagrams with the kids. We'd played Bananagrams Junior when they were smaller, and this is a great step up now that they are a bit o... READ MORE
Jennifer Allison
A fast paced word making game
Great compact packaging meaning you can take the game anywhere. It was fun for the whole family to play including my 6 year old who needed a little bit of... READ MORE
Brilliant educational game
We love this game! Its really helped my children 8 and 9 with their spellings and their learning without even realising because their having so much fun!
Elise H
A really fun game!
We have loved playing this game together as a family. It's fun and fast paced and is great for younger children to help with their spellings too. We have h... READ MORE
R Entwistle
Fun, competitive and totally great!
We absolutely love this little game. It’s perfect for popping in your bag and taking anywhere. Ideal for when you’re waiting around in restaurants and hosp... READ MORE
Jade Lewis
Very good game Compact to travel with Can even play it on your own Hours of fun
Clare Campbell
Fun Family Game
This is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone! It was a fun game for my kids to play alone, or together. But then on another level, me and my husband quit... READ MORE
Rebecca Bradley
Portable, fun and easy to play!
We had such a fun time playing Bananagrams! It's so easy for any age, as long as you can spell basic words, you can play this game! 5 people ages 7-46 play... READ MORE
Great fun!!
A game suitable for all the family that doesn’t cause any arguments! Great fun for the whole family and really helps the younger ones to create new words a... READ MORE
Kelly Massey
BANANAGRAMS: Addictively simple, simply addictive lives up to its billing.
This fast-paced word game is a hit for all ages, challenging players to build word grids in a race to the finish. Its portable pouch makes it perfect for o... READ MORE
Saima Akhtar
Banger of a game
Bananagrans. Absolute banger of a game. Quick and easy to set up. No board. Easy to throw in the suitcase perfect for holidays/rainydays/screen time breaks... READ MORE
Fast family fun
Easy to pick up game that can be played quickly almost anywhere. The banana bag makes it easy to take the game on a day out. I also love how there are mult... READ MORE
Claire Vaisey
Lots of silly, funny family fun!
Me and my daughter had lots of fun playing bananagrams and shouting out the silly words. I did have to help her a little, so it might be better for slightl... READ MORE
Rachel  Kelly
Fun family game
We played this with our 11 year old and 8 year old. My son has dyslexia but was happy to give it a try. He became a bit overwhelmed so we adapted it to sup... READ MORE
Gemma Hardwick
Fast paced fun for all ages
If you love word games then you will 100% love this. Such an easy game to pick up the rules and game play, making it perfect for all the family. Fuss free ... READ MORE
Great fun, for all the family
We love this game, educational while having lots of fun. This is a great addition to our caravaning holidays. A bit like scrabble, but in my opinion it's... READ MORE
Joanne Rhodes
Fantastic game
Fantastic and fun game enjoyed by the whole family it kept our kids entertained for hours. It’s like scrabble but better. Highly recommend.
Chantelle Anderson
Fab game for all the family!
We’ve loved playing with this fun and fast paced game as a family. All the letters come in a lovely little banana travel pouch for easiness to take on the ... READ MORE
Leigha Grimmond
A moment of mindfulness
One of the best parts of Bananagrams is that you can play it all by yourself and absolutely anywhere too! No board necessary, and super simple, I've really... READ MORE
Jessie Welsh
Great game for the whole family
We love playing bananagrams! It is an easy yet addictive game . Helps my 8years old trying more with his spelling not to end up a rotten banana and my 10y... READ MORE
Priscilla Adewuyi
Great family fun
Great little family game small enough to pack and take on trips. We had great fun playing as a family of 3 can have upto 8 players
Sarah lane
Simple yet fun ! Kids loved this game. I love the fact it’s super easy to use, travel friendly and interactive. Thanks for coming up with this game !
Aimen Hasham
Great Family Game
I really enjoyed playing this game both for a date night as a couple and as a travel game with my children. It was really easy to grab and take with you. E... READ MORE
Rebecca Gray
Top bananas
Honestly one of the best games I have played. It is hilarious trying to cobble words together when you several constants and one vowel!! It was so much fun... READ MORE
Best. Game. Ever. Fact.
A brilliant family game for all ages. Even the littlies who were just starting to learn to spell were able to play this in an adaptive way. A fab game of s... READ MORE
Maria Faithorn
Bananagram with your famalam
Brilliantly convenient game to carry in your bag! Play anytime anywhere and practice your word skills. Helps with spelling, creativity with words and expan... READ MORE
Sarah Moyle
Family fun!
Bananagrams is a great game for all the family. Quick paced to make the best word grid. Lots of laughs and giggles, debates on words and good evening ent... READ MORE
Rachel S
An easy to play game that’s so addictive!
We have loved playing Bananagrams in our family. It’s an easy game which we have kept playing over and over again. I love that the tiles are all stored i... READ MORE
Great travel game for all ages, simple rules and great to write messages with!
I was given this game to review and knew I would like it as I love Scrabble, Wordle and any word games generally. This has different ways of playing it de... READ MORE
A fun family game
We enjoyed playing this game as a family. (girls 13, 11 and 9). Easy to take out and about with you. (Product gifted but honest review)
Eleanor Candy
Waiting is no pain anymore
Bombastic game. We play from April and can't stop. Encourage children to think, challenge themselves and learn spelling while having a lot of fun. Engaging... READ MORE
Paulina  Krasniewska
Love it!
This game is so much fun, we are huge scrabble fans so this was perfect t for us! It's so funny with what kind of words you come up with in a rush. ! Perfe... READ MORE
Nadia Afzal
Great game!
My family really enjoyed this game, once you start, you'll never stop! Highly recommended to family and friends!
Analyn Trinidad
It’ll send you bananas
Great game to take on your travels as it’s compact, gets your brain working to try and think of words and complete your game
Lauren Manning
We need more!
We loved this game so much more than I thought we would. Very addictive, quick set up and doesn't take long so it's nice to get out and have a game whilst ... READ MORE
Lucinda Doughty
Fun and educational
I love this game. Makes you think quick and improves your fast thinking skills. If you love scrabble then this one is deffo for you. Good not only for chi... READ MORE
Fatima Khatun
Go bananas for this game
This game is such fun our family really enjoyed playing this gets you thinking and it’s great for all ages. I would definitely recommend this game for rea... READ MORE
Cally Baker
The perfect Anytime Anywhere Word Game For Everyone
A really enjoyable word game, that keeps you on your toes, uses your vocabulary, and exercises the old grey matter! However, unlike a lot of word games, it... READ MORE
So addictive and a new family favourite as my 10 and 13 year old can play together or with us or grandparents. Taking it travelling next month to while awa... READ MORE
Naomi Bignell
Great word game for on the go fun!
I love word games, anagrams, crosswords, wordsearches etc so this little games is fab in my eyes. It can be enjoyed by all the family from young to old and... READ MORE
Mel O
Perfect for games night.
We absolutely loved Bananagrams. We had heard of it but never played, we played it on our Friday night games night, it’s exciting and funny. The first time... READ MORE
Zoe Doyle-moxham
Fun, thinking and giggles
Played with my family we all had so much fun. Easy game to understand and suits all age groups. No set up required just pick your tiles and start creating ... READ MORE
Andrea Boyd
Move Over Scrabble, Hello Bananagrams
A fast paced word game, quick thinking and a great family game for all ages .
Mrs H
Perfect game in a pouch
Bananagrams brought endless joy to our family of four! With its fast-paced gameplay and easy-to-learn rules, it quickly became our go-to game night choice.... READ MORE
Monika Maksym
Fun and educational
! I hadn’t actually heard of this game before! Think scrabble, but on fast forward! The idea is very clever. You have your own tiles, and you need to build... READ MORE
Claire Walter
Wish i found it sooner
Me and my 11yo daughter played this for the first time 4 days ago , and have played it each night since. We usually only play board games maybe on a weeken... READ MORE
We are Bananas for Bananagrams!!
We love this game, any game that teaches my children spelling and letter formation whilst having competitive fun is a big win for me! We love taking it wit... READ MORE
Samantha Jones
Extremely addictive
This was such a super fun game. My 8 year old twins e joyed as much as their grandma. Such an addictive game for the whole family. We took on our holidays ... READ MORE
Maria Hackett
Perfect for on the go
A great game for on the go. My 7 year old loves playing & this is also great for teaching my 4 year old phonics & my 5 year old spellings.
Tammy Kareem