February Musings: Learn from the Ancients

Notoriously history repeats itself and our leaders never seem to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes. These timely and entertaining translations show how the wisdom of the ancient world can be applied to modern life. Each book contains an astute introduction, the original Latin, or in Thucydides’ case Greek, text, a useful glossary or notes and a bibliography for those who want to take the matter further.

HOW TO WIN AN ELECTION: An Ancient Guide for Modern Politicians
Quintus Tullius Cicero, translated by Philip Freeman
In 64BC when Marcus Cicero ran for consul, his brother Quintus decided that, however brilliant an orator he might be, Marcus needed some practical advice on running a campaign. From the importance of putting on a good show to exposing the sexual scandals of your opponents, this book contains everything you need to win. Required reading for all politicians and anyone interested in watching them squabbling their way into power.
Hardback £9.99

HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY: An Ancient Guide for Modern Leaders
Marcus Tullius Cicero, translated by Philip Freeman
Power-crazed politicians, economic uncertainty, foreign upheavals and political parties in deadlock – this could describe the situation today just as easily it does that of the Roman Republic when Marcus Cicero came to power. His letters and speeches provide inspiring solutions covering corruption, immigration, taxes and the importance of compromise. Has anyone sent a copy to Brussels or Westminster?
Hardback £9.99

HOW TO KEEP YOUR COOL: An Ancient Guide to Anger Management
Seneca, translated by James Romm
The renowned Roman Stoic argues convincingly that anger is the most destructive passion. Caligula and Nero provided ample proof for this at the time and, although the first part of Seneca’s essay, where he builds his case, makes shocking reading, the second part shows how easy it is to take an alternative route, that of kindness and compassion. We can all think of someone who should read this book.
Hardback £13.99

HOW TO THINK ABOUT WAR: An Ancient Guide to Foreign Policy
Thucydides, translated by Johanna Hanink
Would Thucydides succeed in getting a deal for Brexit? Possibly not but this new translation gives the reader a fascinating insight into the historian’s views on diplomacy, foreign policy and war. His complex History of the Peloponnesian War has long been considered a seminal work in the study of politics and international relations; these speeches brilliantly distil the ideas at the heart of the History.
Hardback £13.99

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