Books are Not Just for Christmas

We would like to wish all of our customers a very happy and book-filled New Year. These books should keep you entertained throughout January and beyond.

Christmas Musings 2018: Rather than Collapsing in Front of the Telly

We may not necessarily admit it but, for many of us, television is as important a part of Christmas as the tree and the turkey. This year, we suggest that you gain a new insight into a wonderful war film, discover the story of one of our best actors, and learn how to make cocktails that would please James Bond.

Christmas Musings 2018: The Hidden Side of Bookshops

Letters from an antiquarian bookseller,” and to a gentleman publisher reveal a wonderful, and largely lost, world of books. Tom Gauld’s postcards, on the other hand, show a world that is very much alive, and will appeal to writers (successful or struggling), book-buyers and all readers.

Christmas Musings 2018: Travelling in Comfort

Speed is not everything: elegance and adventure are just as important. These three books, with beautiful cars, a magical train and some hair-raising aeronautical escapades, will appeal to all transport enthusiasts, armchair or otherwise.

Christmas Musings 2018: Sir Winston Churchill

One might think nothing more could be written about Sir Winston Churchill but these biographies show that there is still much to discover. Newly-released papers, private diaries and letters inspired these three brilliant biographies.