Joining Hatchards Rewards & FAQs

What is Hatchards Rewards?

What are the Key Benefits of Joining Hatchards Rewards?

Sign up to earn 1 stamp for every £10 you spend with us, when you collect 10 stamps these will be converted into £10 overnight. You can earn stamps and spend balances in our shops or online.

Why Should I sign up to the Email Programme?

As well as keeping you up to date on bookseller approved new releases and book news, you'll also be the first to know about our signed & special editions, have access to Rewards member offers. You can unsubscribe, or take a break, from our emails at any time from your account preferences page or at the bottom of any email from us.


How do I sign up for Hatchards Rewards?

It couldn’t be simpler. Sign up to a digital Rewards card in seconds by visiting Alternatively, visit any one of our bookshops to sign up for a physical version of the Rewards card.

What information will I need to share to join Hatchards Rewards?

To sign up in shop or online, all we need is your current email address for you to start earning stamps. We use this to match your card details against, so if for example you lose your card, your details and Rewards balance you have earned are safe. But to keep your rewards safe and to start spending the rewards you’re earning, you must complete our registration and validate your email address. It doesn’t take long and all we need is your title, first name, last name and a password of your choosing to secure your account.

Will I receive emails from Hatchards?

Although we warmly invite you to join our Rewards email programme to get the most from your membership, without specifically opting in the only emails you will receive will be service emails relating directly to activity on your account, for example order confirmations. If you do decide to opt in to our emails, you can of course elect to stop them at any time.

If I sign up for the digital version of Hatchards Rewards, can I still collect a plastic version later?

Absolutely – simply visit any one of our branches and ask a bookseller. With your email address, they will be able to issue a physical card and any existing Rewards Balance you have will be transferred.

Using Your Card

How will I see what I have earned?

You can find your credited balance and how many Rewards Stamps you have earned online at your account page on Additionally, this information is also printed on every shop receipt.

I’m Shopping Online. When do I earn my Rewards stamps?

Your Rewards Stamps are earned on dispatch of the items you have purchased. If you receive your order in separate parcels, stamps will be awarded separately as each parcel is dispatched, with the final stamps due awarded when the last parcel is dispatched. For every ten Plus Stamps you earn, £10 will be added to your Rewards Balance overnight.

I’ve collected 10 Rewards stamps? When will I be able to spend the Rewards Balance I’ve earned?

Every 10 Rewards Stamps you earn are worth £10. On earning the tenth Rewards Stamp, your earnings are credited overnight to your Rewards Balance. You must collect a minimum of 10 Rewards Stamps to add new credit to your account.

How do I redeem my Rewards Balance?

At the till, or at checkout online, simply nominate how much you’d like to redeem. There is no lower threshold, so you can redeem as little or as much as you’d like. If you find you can't redeem your Rewards balance it may mean you have not completed your registration and email validation. This needs to be completed to be able to spend your Rewards balance.

What do I do if I’ve lost my card, or it has been stolen?

Even if your card is lost or stolen, as your account is linked to your personal email address when you complete your registration, your Rewards Balance always remains completely safe. To replace your physical card, simply pop into your local Hatchards and a bookseller will be able to help. Alternatively, contact our Customer Support Team who will replace your card number, ensure that you have not lost any stamps or rewards and will move your balance over to your new Rewards card.

What can I earn my Rewards Stamps and redeem my Rewards Balance on?

Rewards Stamps will be awarded on, and Rewards Balance can be redeemed against, all merchandise bought at participating Hatchards shops or online at, with the exception of purchases from Hatchards Account Sales and the product types listed below. • Gift vouchers • Electronic gift cards • Book tokens • Theatre tokens • Postage stamps • Event Tickets (and books included as part of the event ticket price) • Hatchards concessions ...and other products from time to time, as notified. Rewards Stamps can be earned when redeeming a Gift Card or token.*

Can I claim Rewards on an old receipt?

Yes, you have 30 days to add the Stamps from a receipt to your account. There are two ways to have Stamps added to your Rewards card: Take your receipt and your Rewards Card to a Hatchards bookshop and ask a bookseller to add the stamps. Contact our Customer Support Team and quote the number stated below the barcode at the foot of your receipt and include your 16-digit card number.

How do I close my account?

We'd be loath to see you go, but to close your account, please contact our Customer Support Team. To verify your account you will need to supply your registration details: • Your 16 digit Card number • Your full name • Your email address Terms and conditions The complete Hatchards Plus terms and conditions can be found here. Points, Rewards Stamps, and Rewards Balance Expiry

Hatchards Rewards Expiry

If you do not collect any Rewards Stamps or redeem any Rewards Balance, or check your Rewards Balance in a shop or by logging in to your account and visiting your Rewards account page over 12 consecutive months, your Hatchards Rewards (and any associated Rewards Stamps or Rewards Balance) will expire.

How do I protect my Rewards Stamps and Rewards Balance from Expiry

Any of the following actions will prevent your Rewards Stamps and Rewards Balance from expiring: • Use your Rewards card when shopping at a Hatchards bookshop or online at • Ask for a balance enquiry at our tills – there's no need to purchase an item. • Check your Rewards balance by visiting us in-store or by logging in to your account at