The Testaments: The Book Club

Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019
Location: Hatchards St Pancras

Set fifteen years after The Handmaid’s Tale’s ambiguous climax, and unconnected to the second season of the television series, The Testaments will answer the questions that have tantalised readers for decades.

With Margaret Atwood’s new book The Testaments launched on 10th September to huge fanfare, we’re sure that not only will we all be reading it at top speed but will want to discuss it with fellow readers – so we have set up a special
The Testaments: The Book Club
at Hatchards, St Pancras on 18th September, 6-7pm

Come along for a glass of wine and to find out what everyone’s saying about Margaret Atwood’s much-anticipated novel.

£5 tickets are available both at the bookshop and online here.

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