Socrates in Love: In Conversation with Armand D’Angour and History Today

Date: Tuesday 21 May 2019
Location: Hatchards Piccadilly

Time: 18:30
General Admission: £6
Book & Admission: £26

Tickets available here 

An innovative and insightful exploration of the passionate early life of Socrates and the influences that led him to become the first and greatest of philosophers Socrates: the philosopher whose questioning gave birth to the ideas of Western thought, and whose execution marked the end of the Athenian Golden Age.

History Today is an illustrated history magazine, published monthly in London since January 1951, presenting serious and authoritative history to a wide audience. Armand will be in conversation with the publication’s editor, Paul Lay.

In this revisionist biography, Armand D’Angour draws on neglected sources to explore the passions and motivations of young Socrates, showing how love transformed him into the philosopher he was to become. What emerges is the figure of Socrates as never previously portrayed: a heroic warrior, an athletic wrestler and dancer – and a passionate lover. Socrates in Love sheds new light on the formative journey of the philosopher, finally revealing the identity of the woman who Socrates claimed inspired him to develop ideas that have captivated thinkers for 2,500 years.

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