Palaces of Power – An Evening with Stephen Hoare

Date: Thursday 17 October 2019
Location: Hatchards, Piccadilly

The core of what we call St James’s dates from the late seventeenth century, when large estates were leased by the Crown to the landed gentry after the Restoration in 1660.

As Stephen Hoare explores in his new book, St James’s clubs, coffee houses and institutions were shaped by enterprise, political conflict, and Britain’s emerging role as an Imperial power.

This is the historic heart of London’s Clubland and of course Hatchards was there, right in the midst of it all, as political publisher, bookseller and coffee house.

It is therefore a great honour to welcome Stephen here for an evening of discussion, conversation and insight into this most prestigious social and cultural area of London.

£10 tickets are available in the shop and on-line here

Hatchards Piccadilly

Thursday 17th October, 6.30pm

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