On 75th Anniversary of Dresden: An Evening with Sinclair McKay

Date: Wednesday 12 February 2020
Location: Hatchards Piccadilly

Wednesday 12th February, 6.30pm

Hatchards Piccadilly

Thursday 13th February marks one of the most significant days of World War II, the Allied bombing of Dresden. As renowned historian Sinclair McKay asks: Was Dresden a legitimate military target or was the bombing a last act of atavistic mass murder in a war already won?

On the eve of the anniversary, Sinclair McKay will be here at Hatchards discussing Dresden from the broad history of the city to the attack itself as seen through the eyes of military and civilian alike.

£10 tickets are available at the bookshop and online here.


Sinclair McKay has written a shrewd, humane and balanced account of this most controversial target of the Anglo-American strategic bombing campaign, the ferocious consequence of the scourge of Nazism’ Allan Mallinson.




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