Matty Matheson public signing

Date: Monday 14 January 2019
Location: Hatchards Piccadilly

Matty Matheson, star of Viceland’s It’s Suppertime and Dead Set On Life, is visiting Hatchards at 6pm on Monday 14 January for a public signing of his new book: Matty Matheson: A Cookbook.

Matty Matheson is known as much for his sublime food as his love for life (and immense Instagram following). Interpretations of classics like Seafood Chowder, Scumbo: Dad’s Gumbo, and Rappie Pie appear alongside restaurant recipes like Bavette, Pigtail Tacos, and his infamous P&L Burger. This cookery book “is like cooking alongside Matty, sharing stories that are equal parts heartwarming and inappropriate while helping you cook dishes that are full of love.”

This is not a ticketed event. However, we recommend arriving any time from 5:30pm (have a browse while waiting!) as there are a limited number of copies available.

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