Inside conducting with Christopher Seaman

Date: Thursday 16 October 2014
Location: Hatchards Piccadilly

What does a conductor actually do? How much effect does he or she have? Can the orchestra manage without one? Why don’t the players look at the conductor more? Is it necessary for the conductor to play every instrument? What about interpretation? What happens at rehearsals? Why do some conductors “thrash around” more than others? Who’s the boss in a concerto: the soloist or the conductor? These are some of the questions that will receive lively and informative answers in this talk by renowned conductor Christopher Seaman. Music lovers wondering what the figure on the podium actually does, and aspiring conductors eager to learn more about the art and craft of leading an orchestra are advised to come along. Christopher Seaman has enjoyed a busy international conducting career for over forty years. He is now Conductor Laureate for Life of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, New York, and has offered to show the audience how to actually conduct….

This event is for Hatchards Season of music Events.

Tickets are £8 or £15 to attend the season. The tickets are redeemable against the purchase of the book on the night of the event, and include a complimentary glass of wine.

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