Royalty and the Researcher at Hatchards, Piccadilly

Tuesday 14 May, 18:30

Hatchards Piccadilly

Join us this evening as Jane Tippett, the author of Once A King: The Lost Memoir of Edward VIII and Martin Williams, author of The King is Dead, Long Live the King discuss the diverse but complementary approaches they adopted when researching and writing about the lives and reigns of King Edward VII (r. 1901-1910) and his grandson, King Edward VIII (r. 1936), later Duke of Windsor, respectively.

Providing a fascinating juxtaposition of monarchs, as well as the methodologies and practices of biographer historians in the twenty-first century, their presentation will explore what drew them to their respective subjects, and how they came to shape such compelling and original narratives.

It promises to be a fascinating evening – we hope you’ll be able to join us!

Tickets include £5 off the purchase of either book this evening, and there will be time for both authors to sign copies after the event.