Napoleon’s Library – with Louis Sarkozy at Hatchards Piccadilly

We are delighted to welcome Louis Sarkozy here to Hatchards this evening.

“The library of an individual is the key to his mind.”

Napoleon Bonaparte’s love of the written word, birthed in childhood and nurtured as an adolescent and young adult, never left him. He was a lover of literature for its own sake – often swooning over melodramatic love stories – but he also understood the value of books as instruments of power. Before his campaigns, he poured over dozens of texts relating to the relevant theatres’ geography, population, trade, and history. When contemplating grave decisions, such as his divorce from Empress Josephine, he consulted the historical record for useful precedents to justify and inform his actions.

Do join us if you can for what promises a fascinating evening as Louis Sarkozy takes us on a promenade through Napoleon’s library, and mind.

Tickets include £5 off purchase of Napoleon’s Library this evening.