Christmas at Hatchards: Travel

Churchill’s Britain: From the Antrim Coast to the Isle of Wight

Peter Clark


A gazetteer, replete with maps, Churchill’s Britain is a traveller’s guide through the statesman’s biography. From Blenheim Palace to Chartwell, his parliamentary constituency to his grave in an Oxfordshire country church, we follow an insightful progress in the great man’s footsteps.


Magdalena: River of Dreams

Wade Davies


Winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Into the Silence, Davies now travels along Colombia’s Rio Magdalena – trade route, lifeline and wellspring of culture. An astonishing geography, from coastal desert to fertile valley, the river’s history is a wealth of dramatic history and diverse peoples.


Himalaya: A Human History

Ed Douglas


This stunning panoramic history reveals the mountains as a meeting point of humanity. The indigenous and the adventurers, the Jesuit missionaries and Tibetan Lamas, Nepalese craftsmen and Armenian merchants trading musk and gold – all with fascinating stories from ‘the roof of the world’.


An Elephant in Rome: Bernini, the Pope and the Making of the Eternal City

Loyd Grossman

£19.99 – signed copies available

Setting out from the enigmatic monument of an elephant carrying on obelisk just behind the Pantheon, Grossman leads us back to 1650. It was a troubled time for the Catholic Church, but Pope Alexander VII enlisted artist Gianlorenzo Bernini and reinvented Rome as a centre for Europe’s intellectual, political and cultural elite.


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