Christmas at Hatchards: Photography


Terry O’Neill


The power of O’Neill’s imagery is that he defines the look of his subject for all time. Sean Connery: the roguish Bond; Roger Moore: the suave; and Honor Blackman as the impossibly fabulous Pussy Galore. Iconic photography and casual on-set shots from Goldfinger to Daniel Craig.


Encounters: A Photographic Journey

Levison Wood


Embark (vicariously) on a journey around the world with award-winning explorer and photographer Levison Wood. To conflict zones and front-lines, to remote environments and ancient communities – it’s a world of extremes, but bound together as one.


Look Again: The Autobiography

David Bailey


From working-class boy to internationally renowned artist, Bailey upended the rules with his 1960s fashion photographs for Vogue. So dawned an incredible, outrageous life: Jean Shrimpton, Andy Warhol, The Queen – all star in this brilliantly candid memoir.


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