Christmas at Hatchards: Natural History

Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

Merlin Sheldrake


Usually hidden and neglected, fungi are one of the most essential elements of our world. From engendering the very first life on earth to potential environmental – and medical – saviour, this is an often magical tour of the mysterious Wood Wide Web.





English Pastoral

James Rebanks


Author of surprise best-seller The Shepherd’s Life, Rebanks now tells of inheritance – the ancient Lake District, his family farm, the age-old customs of rural work – and asks how forgotten traditions might inspire new thinking and a future pastoral.



The Swallow: A Biography

Stephen Moss


This entrancing year-in-the-life of the swallow, one of the most often-sighted birds in Britain, is a revelation. From its spring arrival to long winter migration, Stephen Moss interweaves nature, art and history to illuminate the bird’s hidden secrets.





The Wild Life of the Fox

John Lewis-Stempel


Sleek and independent, foxes have a long-established relationship with human society, albeit often in the twilit fringes of urban streets or the cunning caricatures of literature. Here, in poetry and prose, Lewis-Stempel revels in the wild life of this magnificent creature.




The Collins Garden Birdwatcher’s Bible


Replete with histories, location-maps and fact-profiles, this practical guide to identifying and understanding garden birds is the most beautiful birdwatcher’s companion. Stunningly clear, close-up photography reveals each of the birds in their habitats alongside chapters on how to create bird-friendly gardens – creating not only a glorious vision of birds’ worlds but inspire us to fully appreciate them and advocate on their behalf.




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