Christmas at Hatchards: “JFK” by Fredrik Logevall

JFK (1917-1956)

Fredrik Logevall


John F Kennedy is perhaps the most iconic – and the most mythologised – American  President of the 20th century. Here, in Volume 1 of this substantial and revelatory study, Logevall portrays a serious and independent-minded young man.

Raised in an Irish American family in Boston, Kennedy had political ambitions from an early age. His experience of World War II and the role his father played as Ambassador to Britain further shaped his thinking and by the age of thirty nine, in 1956, he had decided to run for President.

Written with novelistic deft and an historian’s authority, JFK is a landmark biography.


Of course there has been much discussion of American President given this autumn’s election, so: two more recommendations –



Bob Woodward


Reporting from behind the scenes and revealing exclusive interviews, Rage is a vivid portrayal of political life in President Trump’s White House.




Reaganland: America’s Right Turn 1976-1980

Rick Perlstein


Documenting the rise of the right-wing in American politics, Perlstein turns to Jimmy Carter’s presidency and Reagan’s call for the Republicans to Make America Great Again.


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