Christmas at Hatchards: Children’s – Picture Books

Three Little Monkeys Ride Again

Quentin Blake and Emma Chichester Clark


When Hilda Snibbs takes her three mischievous monkeys to visit her mother in the country, she’s hoping for a calm and peaceful holiday. Soon, however, chaos reigns supreme and havoc ensues… and those little monkeys save the day!


What We’ll Build: Plans for Our Together Future

Oliver Jeffers


Sustained by parental love and life’s endless possibilities, a father and daughter start constructing their life together. They build memories to cherish, a home to keep them safe and love to keep them warm. Charming and utterly brilliant.


The Bear, the Piano and the Little Bear’s Concert

David Litchfield


We all know the story of the Bear who found a piano in the woods and became a star, don’t we? Well, times have changed and Bear has decided to retire. But Little Bear can’t believe no-one wants to hear music again – and she hatches a plan to prove him wrong. A deliciously beguiling tale.


Will You Be My Friend?

Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram


Little Nutbrown Hare is looking for someone to play with. His reflection in a puddle? His shadow? Soon, up on Cloudy Mountain, he meets a little snow hare – and a charming tale of friendship begins.


Just One of Those Days

Jill Murphy


When Mr and Mrs Bear wake up late, it’s raining outside – and Baby Bear is late for nursery. Then Mrs Bear sits on her glasses at work and Mr Bear spills his coffee. Oh dear – it seems this is just going to be one of those days! But the loveable Bear family muddle through cheerfully.


Where Snow Angels Go

Maggie O’Farrell and Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini


A tale of pure, heart-piercing delight. Sylvie is far from well, but waking in the middle of the night, she finds a snow angel in her bedroom – there to take care of her. Indeed he saves her life. Now, how can Sylvie make sure that everyone she loves has their own snow angel, to keep them safe, too?


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