Christmas at Hatchards: Children’s – A Fairy Tale Revolution

A Fairy Tale Revolution

Join the revolution with the first four of a series of re-imagined fairy tales for children written by four acclaimed contemporary authors.



Malorie Blackman


Nia has met the man she wants to marry, the clever and handsome Marcus. She demands one single promise: that he’ll never enter her study. As his curiosity grows, so the possibility of betrayal threatens the privacy of this room of her own.



Hansel and Greta

Jeanette Winterson


Brother and sister live on the edge of a forest which, under threat of destruction, they hope to save. Aunt GreedyGuts has different plans – to get rid of these meddling, do-gooder kids once and for all…




Kamila Shamsie


“A duck unlike other ducks. A raincloud-duck, with the heart of a lion, who struck out into the world on her own..” In this story of bravery and courage, the little duckling seeks belonging, and finds the glory of being different.



Cinderella Liberator

Rebecca Solnit


There’s poor Cinders, in the kitchen, in rags, and longing to go to the ball. Enter: fairy godmother. But that’s where the familiar ends – no carriages and glass slippers here – and a quite different story of Cinders’ new-found freedom unfolds.


To order any of these books, please telephone 020 7439 9921 or email

This year we are honoured to be working with the National Literacy Trust. If you would like to buy a second copy of the book you choose to be given to a school this Christmas, please let us know when you telephone or email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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