Christmas at Hatchards: A Children’s Selection

The Fowl Twins Deny All Charges

Eoin Colfer


The Fowl Twins’ second adventure starts – literally – with a bang, as the Fowl jet explodes mid-air. Whilst the police put Myles and Beckett under house arrest, malign forces are nevertheless at work: Myles is abducted and Becket – never the brains of the operation – must do all he can to save his twin.



Miranda Krestovnikoff and Angela Harding


Written by RSPB president Miranda Krestovnikoff, and gorgeously illustrated by artist and print maker Angela Harding, this is a book of discovery. From white-winged diuca finches nesting on freezing glaciers to peregrine falcons circling city skyscrapers – welcome to the extraordinary life of birds!



Tomi Ungerer


In this mesmerising tale by the legendary author, everyone has migrated to the moon leaving Vasco, his shadow and little Poco on Earth. Nonstop dangers await them in apocalyptic landscapes and deserted cities – yet friendship, loyalty and care-for-each other bring true safety.


The Song of the Tree

Coralie Bickford-Smith


From the author of The Fox and the Star, this is a lyrical, heart-warming tale of the changing seasons and colourful jungle life as Bird, not wanting to migrate from her towering tree, listens to the other animals and learns a new song to sing.



The Good Bear

Sarah Lean


Home with her father in Norway for Christmas, the holidays hold a surprise for Thea who discovers a bear living in the snowy woods nearby. He’s hungry and scared – more so when the townspeople think he’s dangerous – but can Thea save him?



Magical Creatures and Mythical Beasts

Professor Mortimer, Emily Hawkins and Victo Ngai


Using the UV flashlight that comes with the book, shine the light to discover the mythical creatures living in historical landmarks all around the world – from a unicorn in the mountains of Germany to Pegasus soaring over the Parthenon in Greece, this is a fantastic odyssey.


Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Fiona Waters and Britta Teckentrup


In this gloriously illustrated sequel to I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree, the National Trust brings us an animal poem for every day with classic and contemporary children’s poems from Roger McGough to Christina Rossetti and more.


Code Name Bananas

David Walliams


It’s 1940, Britain is at war and, as bombs fall on London, 11-year-old Eric must race to save the gorilla, Gertrude, from the zoo. Escaping to the seaside, further adventures unfold as they uncover a top-secret Nazi plot. Fast-paced and action-packed it’s another barn-storming story from David Walliams.



Ellen Alpsten


Bringing full dramatic colour to a pivotal moment in Russian history, we meet Marta, a washerwoman, amidst the riot of the Great Northern War. Destiny leads her to a meeting with revolutionary Tsar Peter the Great, and a new future as Catherine the Great of All the Russias.


Midnight Sun

Stephanie Meyer


Casting a whole new light on the iconic romance at the centre of Twilight as Edward tells his side of the story – bringing a decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella had turned the vampire’s world upside down, but can he follow his heart if it means ultimate danger to his beloved?


A Deadly Education

Naomi Novik


You would need a huge reserves of magical power to survive El Higgins’ new school, surrounded as it is by monsters and where failure means inevitable death. As sorcery and danger abound, El must decide what to do in this enchanting, often funny, first book in a brand new Scholamance series.



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