Secret Pigeon Service: Operation Columba, Resistance & the Struggle to Liberate Europe by Gordon Covera

The pigeons in the title of this remarkable book are not the only heroes in the story. A small group of villagers in Belguim took enormous risks to send vital information back to England between 1941 and 1944. The seemingly quirky plan to send homing pigeons with questionnaires into occupied countries paid off; in amongst the comic and tragic replies there was valuable information. Gordon Covera has written an intriguing book disclosing the rivalries between the spy masters in London as well as the bravery of the respondents and the achievements of the birds.

Hardback £20

 ‘Corera has the clear, brisk style of a first-class reporter and expertly navigates the complexities of the espionage world to tell this dramatic and colourful tale, with its astonishing cast of crackpots, mavericks and heroes.’ Neil Armstrong, Literary Review

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