HARRY POTTER: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts

by Matthew Reinhart, illustrated by Kevin M. Wilson

Hogwarts is displayed in 3-D glory: the castle, the Quidditch pitch, the Forbidden Forest and more. Mini-pops on each page bring the Marauder’s Map and the Flying Ford Anglia to life. This makes the perfect gift for any Potter fan, regardless of age.

£50 Hardback


by Nicholas Blake

Legendary World War I flying ace Fergus O’Brien has received three threatening letters. He has his suspicions regarding the identity of the sender and invites his suspects to spend Christmas with him. Refusing police protection, he does agree to private detective Nigel Strangeways joining the party and ‘keeping his eyes open’. Cecil Day Lewis, aka Nicholas Blake, was the poet laureate and an academic, and his crime stories combine ingenious plots with literate and cultured writing. Hatchards are proud to reissue this classic crime story in a collectable hardback edition.

£12.99 Limited Hatchards edition with a green cloth binding, stylish dust jacket and exclusive William Morris endpapers. 1,500 numbered copies.

‘Nigel, after a brief stay at Oxford, in the course of which he had neglected Demosthenes in favour of Freud, had turned to the profession of criminal investigator – the only profession left, he was wont to remark, which gave scope for good manners and scientific discovery.’


by E. M. Delafield

Starting life as a serial in the weekly Time & Tide, these diaries have always been deservedly popular. The trials and tribulations of the middle class during the twenties were many: children were forever making loud and inappropriate comments, staff were always on the brink of departing in a huff and neighbours dropped by at the wrong moment with unasked-for advice. Interspersed are the diarist’s queries and memos to herself, marvellous glimpses into the mind of a twenties lady. This is domestic life at its most amusing and is a perfect companion to George and Weedon Grossmith’s The Diary of a Nobody, also reissued in a beautiful Hatchards edition.

£12.99 Volumes I & II in a limited Hatchards edition with a green cloth binding, gold foil dust jacket and exclusive William Morris endpapers. 1,500 numbered copies.

‘Does not a misplaced optimism exist….. that social engagements, if dated sufficiently far ahead, will never really materialise?’ E. M. Delafield


by Oscar Wilde

In 1895 Hatchards published fifty copies of a little book of Oscar Wilde’s epigrams, taken from his published works. The original selection was made by Constance, his wife, but Oscar was not happy with the choices (‘the plays are particularly badly done’) and revised them. He also took an active interest in the publication, choosing the layout, specifying exact margins for the book and checking the proofs. This is the only collection of Oscar Wilde’s wit and wisdom chosen and endorsed by the author himself. A small pirated edition was republished in 1903 but otherwise it has remained hidden on the shelves of the early buyers for over a hundred years.

£9.99 Facsimile paperback on craft paper, limited and exclusive to Hatchards

‘I don’t regret for a single moment having lived for pleasure. I did it to the full, as one should do everything that one does.’ Oscar Wilde


by George & Weedon Grossmith

The Grossmiths’ marvellous spoof diary tells the story of Mr Pooter, clerk, of Holloway, North London, who is definitely not a ‘somebody’ but who believes his life to be as interesting as anyone else’s. The irony and wit of the writing makes it one of the greatest comic novels.

£9.99 Hardback

‘I was doomed to still further humiliation. I was leaning out of the box, when my tie – a little black bow which fastened on to the stud by means of a new patent – fell into the pit below. A clumsy man not noticing it, had his foot on it for ever so long before he discovered it. He then eventually picked it up and flung it under the next seat in disgust. …. To hide the absence of the tie I had to keep my chin down the rest of the evening, which caused a pain at the back of my neck.’

‘The book was greeted with a great shout of laughter when first published in 1892, and this laughter has gone on continuously ever since’ Sir John Squire in the introduction to the Everyman 1940 edition


by Beatrix Potter

Following the success of our limited edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit last year we have reissued the next two Tales in collectible matching bindings.

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
Not a good advertisement for red squirrels, Nutkin is excessively impertinent and eventually is taught a sharp lesson by Old Brown the owl.
£9.99 Hardback limited edition of 1,500

The Tailor of Gloucester
This was Beatrix Potter’s favourite among all her books and is based on a true story; the mice, in reality, were the kindly assistants of the tailor. Each book is hand numbered, with gilt edges, a ribbon marker and enchanting patterned endpapers.
£9.99 Hardback limited edition of 1,500

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
For those of you who missed the first edition we have now published matching un-numbered copies of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The first edition of this book was very different to the one we know now; handwritten with black-and-white line drawings and a colour frontispiece, it was produced primarily for Beatrix Potter’s friends and family. Hatchards was one of the few bookshops to sell it.
£9.99 Hardback