INTO THE JUNGLE: Stories for Mowgli

by Katherine Rundell, illustrated by Kristjana S. Williams

Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book is the starting point for Katherine Rundell’s enchanting tales for younger readers. The enigmatic Bagheera, the kindly Baloo and the headstrong Mowgli feature in five new stories accompanied by Kristjana S. Williams’ wonderful jungle illustrations.

£16.99 Hardback


by Sally Gardner, illustrated by Nick Maland

You’ll never find the island where Betty lives because it was left off the map of the world. The daughter of a mermaid and an ice-cream maker, she sets off on a quest with a circus-owning tiger to find berries that grow when the moon is blue and ice-cream that grants wishes. All at the request of a toad. A magical, enthralling tale of imagination.

£10.99 Hardback


by Cornelia Funke

Tabetha is one of the best mudlarks on the Themse, searching for treasures like mermaid’s scales to sell to the tailors of Londra, a city that is a little more magical than London. Tiny Hubs work in the city, while Thumblings are more adept at thievery than any human pick-pocket. One day a stranger with three silver teeth gives Tabetha a challenge she can’t refuse.

£9.99 Hardback


by Hilary McKay

For Clarry the ‘skylark summers’ were idyllic, long wonderful weeks spent with her brother and cousin at their grandparents’ home in Cornwall. The outbreak of the First World War changes life for everyone, bringing previously unimaginable horrors to the Skylarks but also independence, bravery, courage and love. An enthralling coming-of-age tale.

£12.99 Hardback
£6.99 Paperback


by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, translated by Michael Morpurgo

Le Petit Prince has captured the hearts of millions of readers since it was first published seventy-five years ago. Master storyteller Michael Morpurgo describes it as ‘one of the greatest stories ever written’ and his new translation will introduce it to a new generation of lucky readers.

£9.99 Hardback

PAGES & CO: Tilly and the Bookwanderers

by Anna James

Ever since her mother mysteriously disappeared, eleven year-old Tilly has lived with her grandparents. She spends most of her time in their shop, a bookshop with five floors of cosy corners and cubbyholes. Here she discovers the magic of ‘book-wandering’ when Anne and Alice, her favourite characters, come out of their books and appear in the shop. With their help she enters the world of fiction to solve the mystery surrounding her mother.

£12.99 Hardback

SEEING STARS: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations

by Sara Gillingham

This lovely book is a perfect children’s introduction to the constellations but will also appeal to any adult who has ever gazed up at the night sky and wondered about The Hare, The Lyre and The Sea Monster. Sara Gillingham tells the mythological and historical stories behind the clusters of stars and gives tips on where and when to see them.

£17.95 Hardback

THE SILK ROADS: A New History of the World

by Peter Frankopan, illustrated by Neil Packer

From ancient times the Silk Roads have connected the east and west; warriors, scientists, priests and camels laden with precious goods have all made the often perilous journey. This unique book is an adventure story as much as a history and will appeal to readers from 9 to 90.

£16.99 Hardback


by Rachel Dixon, illustrated by Livi Gosling

Forty-eight glorious maps show everything that makes the United Kingdom special. County by county the book describes three hundred people from the past and present, things to do and places to visit: a fortress shaped like a Tudor rose in Kent, the biggest colouring pencil in the world in Cumbria and Out Stack, the most northerly point of the British Isles.

£16.99 Hardback


by David Hockney & Martin Gayford, illustrated by Rose Blake

Martin and David take the reader from the earliest cave paintings to the most modern photos taken on a smart phone. On the way they discuss cinema, ready-made tubes of paint and video games. With over seventy pictures of very different artworks and Rose Blake’s colourful illustrations throughout, this is an accessible and enjoyable journey through the history of pictures.

£14.95 Hardback