CLASSIC CARS: A Century of Masterpieces

by Simon de Burton

From the Citroen 2CV to the Aston Martin Lagonda, each decade from the thirties onwards has produced milestone cars. Not necessarily the fastest, rarest or most valuable, these are the truly desirable cars of the past century. This magnificent book, with details of each car and sumptuous photographs, does these vehicles full justice.

£40 Hardback


by Jem Campbell, illustrated by Katie Harnett

Luna and her friend Franklin the green dragon want to be explorers. They’ve read about fairies, mermaids and werewolves but they don’t know anything about dragons. Apart from a third cousin in Loch Ness, it seems Franklin is alone in the world but a trip to the moon reveals a host of silver dragons, his long-lost relatives. A touching and heart-warming story told in rhyme.

£11.95 Hardback

MAGICAL PETS: A Practical Guide

by Anya Glazer

If you were allowed to have any pet, what would you choose? A phoenix, an invisible bat or a frog? You may not realise that training dragons can be dangerous or that giant slugs adapt to a collar and lead surprisingly well. Anya Glazer’s enchanting illustrations accompany this most useful text.

£11.99 Hardback


by Emma Chichester Clark

Imelda’s parents love her very much, which is surprising as she is badly behaved, rude and demanding. One day Bunny Wunny, her favourite toy rabbit, decides he has had enough and hides in a cupboard. Imelda demands a real rabbit (and obviously gets one) but the little animal she chooses proves to be more than a match for the charmless child.

£12.99 Hardback


by Steve Antony

In Steve Antony’s hilarious hands Her Majesty the Queen has been round Britain and the world, in search of her hat, her handbag and the perfect present. In preparation for the fiftieth anniversary of the landing on the moon in 2019, she takes off for a whistle-stop tour of space.

£12.99 Hardback


by David Litchfield

When the piano-playing bear comes to town, Hector the fiddle player decides it is time to retire. Hugo his dog thinks otherwise and soon he is playing toe-tapping, finger-clicking, whistle-blowingly AWESOME music. Hector must overcome his jealousy when Hugo is offered the chance to play in Bear’s Big Band.

£11.99 Hardback


by Naomi Howarth

Maud is a very beautiful coloured dragon but she doesn’t fly or breathe fire. While the other night dragons swoop into the sky she remains behind with her friend Mouse, sad and lonely. When the chance comes, will Maud be brave enough to fly?

£11.99 Hardback

EQUINE JOURNEYS: The British Horse World

by Hossein Amirsadeghi

The British horse world encompasses all types, from the Commoners who own the wild New Forest ponies to the heels and hats of Royal Ascot. Polo Clubs, pony clubs and breeders of all types of horses rub shoulder in this glorious book with over eighty personal profiles and seven hundred illustrations.

£35 Hardback

GOING TO THE MATCH: The Passion for Football

by Duncan Hamilton

As the World Cup showed this year, football really matters. Award-winning sports writer Duncan Hamilton spent a year visiting clubs worldwide to work out why it is always more than just a game. An absorbing read for players, spectators and even those who can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

£25 Hardback


by Steve Thompson

Do not be fooled by the title and cover of this book; it is a serious and indispensable guide to becoming a polo player. Without training, as Steve Thompson charmingly puts it, you are simply watching the sport from a furry sofa. His twenty-five years as a coach will enable you to ride properly, become an excellent player and, most importantly, look cool whilst doing so.

£25 Paperback