Old Homes, New Life: The Resurgence of the British Country House

by Clive Aslet and Dylan Thomas


For many years after the Second World War, the country house was struggling. Now a new generation is finding innovative ways to live in these ancient, fragile and poetic places that their families have called home for hundreds of years. While they treasure the history and beauty of the houses, this 21st-century aristocracy is adapting and enhancing them for a modern era: reinventing the country house life.


Dylan Thomas’s superb photography captures the families and their homes in a beautiful yet intimate ‘behind the scenes’ style.

Alongside, editor of Country Life, Clive Aslet combines interviews, anecdotes and architectural history to portray the country house in British culture, past and present.

As Geoff Heath-Taylor has written in Tatler:

Old Homes, New Life gives us a glimpse into another world. A world of armoury halls and moats and private chapels and walled gardens. This resplendent new book shows both the joys and perils of living in a British country house in intimate detail.

A glorious tour of twelve extraordinary houses.

Hardback, Triglyph Books, £50 – signed copies available

To order a copy, please email books@hatchards.co.uk or telephone 0207 439 9921 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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