The Shortest History of Germany

The Shortest History of Germany

History , European History, German History
Paperback Published on: 01/04/2018
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Shortest History of Germany
Wonderful little history
If you ever wanted to know the history of Germany... but didn't fancy wading through the great tomes sat on the bookshop shelf....then this book is for you... READ MORE
Caroline Hawkins at Barnstaple Shop
The Shortest History of Germany
A smashing little book.
This is a wonderful book - short, sassy, fast-paced & easily digestible. It covers an enormous amount of ground incredibly quickly - in the course of a sin... READ MORE
Paul S. at Lancaster
The Shortest History of Germany
Perfect read before a trip to Germany
I picked this book up to read up on German history before a city break to Berlin. I found it very helpful to piece together different time periods of the c... READ MORE
Emily at York
The Shortest History of Germany
A well constructed and thorough, if biased, history
I had very mixed thoughts on this book. On the one hand, he's drawn the history together very well in that he shows its continuity. This makes a much more ... READ MORE


Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Month for April 2018

Read in an afternoon, remember for a lifetime.

Germany? The land where, within living memory, Adolf Hitler was democratically confirmed in power…? Can Germany really have changed so drastically in a single lifetime? Yes, it can. But to understand this – and why Germany may now be our last hope – we have to throw away a great deal of what we think we know about German history, and start afresh.

The West is in full retreat. The Anglo-Saxon powers, great and small, withdraw into fantasies of lost greatness. Populists all over Europe cry out that immigration and globalisation are the work of a nefarious System, run by unseen masters with no national loyalties.

From the Kremlin, Tsar Vladimir watches his Great Game line up, while the Baltic and Vizegrad states shiver — and everyone looks to Berlin. But are the Germans really us, or them? This question has haunted Europe ever since Julius Caesar invented the Germani in 58 BC.

How Roman did Germania ever become? Did the Germans destroy the culture of Rome, or inherit it? Did Bismarck unify Germany or conquer it? Where are the roots of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich? Why did it lose? By what miracle did a better Germany arise from the rubble?

Is Germany now the last Western bastion of industrial prosperity and rational politics? Or are the EU and the Euro merely window-dressing for a new German hegemony?

This fresh, illuminating and concise new history makes sense of Europe’s most admired and feared country. It’s time for the real story of Germany.

A book with startling relevance and insight for our times, Hawse’s swift-moving and readable history not only offers lessons about the Germany’s path through history but also speaks much to the current precariousness of Western ideology and the future of liberal democracy.

As Nick Cohen writes of the book in the Guardian, ‘as America and Britain chase impossible dreams, as populists across Europe exhume chauvinist nationalism from its shallow grave, as Vladimir Putin licks his lips and pats the heads of allies on the far right and left queuing up to offer him their allegiance, Hawes’s question – what is Germany and what does it want to become? – has a frightening urgency.’

  • Publisher: Old Street Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781910400739
  • Number of pages: 240
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 20 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Shortest History of Germany
eye opening but not an easy read for a German
Picking the book out of curiousity it was a good reminder of history lessons from years and years ago. Germany's history is multifacetted and incredibly co... READ MORE
The Shortest History of Germany
An excellent easy read broad brush.
Brilliant book. A somewhat broad brush but enables a more nuanced approach to contemporary European politics and economics. A must read for all under 30’s... READ MORE
William Lloyd
The Shortest History of Germany
Go West
Rather than just a handy, succinct history of Germany this book presents a strong agenda. The East/West postwar division is traced back to Roman times. "Ea... READ MORE
The Shortest History of Germany
A Different View of German History
At a time when falsehood and mythology have seemingly usurped facts and reason, where fake news and propaganda masquerading as news is all around us and wh... READ MORE
The Shortest History of Germany
Be wise, be concise
Short it may be but this little book covers a lot of ground. It is a good book to gain the essential information someone might need and stimulating enough... READ MORE
The Shortest History of Germany
What you never knew about the Germans
Read this and appreciate why the UK will be better off outside the EU!
Richard of Lincolnshire
The Shortest History of Germany
Hugely enjoyable and informative
For someone who is working in Germany, with and for Germans - this was a simple, accessible and vital text to provide an insight into the rich and diverse ... READ MORE
The Shortest History of Germany
Good oversight
Not clunky in the slightest, Hawes argues his case effectively that the history of Germany has been repeatedly defined by a certain few.
The Shortest History of Germany
Very informative and concise history
If you want to know about the History of Germany, this is a brilliant and easy read.