Girl in Pieces

Girl in Pieces

Childrens, Teen & Young Adult, Teen & Young Adult Fiction
Paperback Published on: 06/10/2016
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Bookseller Reviews

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Girl in Pieces
Emotionally charged read
I cannot put this book down. It's not usually my type of read but I was recommended by a friend. It does feature some raw topics but you find yourself root... READ MORE
Danielle at Yarm
Girl in Pieces
“I don't feel sad. For just now, I don't feel scared. I feel, for right now, well, kind of triumphant.”
A raw, heavy depiction of self harm and all the feelings that go along with it. To my surprise this book was a realistic depiction. I really like how it di... READ MORE
Laura  at Waterstones Cardiff


A heartbreaking, triumphant, funny and hopeful story of one girl's battle with self harm.

Charlie Davis is in pieces. At seventeen, she's already lost more than most people lose in a lifetime. But she's learned how to forget it through cutting; the pain washes out the sorrow until there is nothing but calm. She doesn't have to think about her father or what happened under the bridge. Her best friend, Ellis, who is gone forever. Or the mother who has nothing left to give her. Kicked out of a special treatment center when her insurance runs out, Charlie finds herself in the bright and wild landscape of Tucson, Arizona, where she begins the unthinkable: the long journey of putting herself back together.

Kathleen Glasgow is also the author of How to Make Friends with the Dark and You'd be Home Now.

  • Publisher: Oneworld Publications
  • ISBN: 9781780749457
  • Number of pages: 448
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 29 mm

Customer Reviews

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Girl in Pieces
Intense, Real, Heartbreaking
It’s hard to describe what a book this deep, dark and intense makes you feel. Truth be told, I’m nothing but a bundle of emotions right now that I’m just t... READ MORE
Aditi Nichani
Girl in Pieces
An Angelic Debut
I have not shut up about this book since I started and finished reading it; it's an absolutely incredible debut! It's filled with such raw emotion, but not... READ MORE
Girl in Pieces
Intense and powerful
This has to be one of my favourite reads so far it's very real and emphasis sensitive or adult issues that we avoid thinking about today. I have to admit ... READ MORE
lavada  hart
Girl in Pieces
This Book is Angelic
This book tells a realistic story of a teenage girl who has lost people whom she loved, remembers the days she was homeless, and her physical relationship ... READ MORE
Ruby Musselle
Girl in Pieces
Best book I’ve ever read
This was my first book in two years, and I read it in two days I couldn’t put it down it had so many twists too it and it wanted me to keep reading on, the... READ MORE
Robyn McNally
Girl in Pieces
katie quinn
Girl in Pieces
Annabelle  Penman
Girl in Pieces
A Must Read!
I was wary about reading this book at first due to my own trauma but once I started I couldn’t stop. It helped me process so much. I went on a journey with... READ MORE
Katherine  Goldsmith
Girl in Pieces
Heartbreaking and hard hitting
As someone who struggles with self harm and the themes in this book, wow was it a smack in the face with reality. I truly was rooting for Charlie throughou... READ MORE
Freya Middleton
Girl in Pieces
I love this book so much. I read it in two days and just couldn’t put it down. I found every excuse to get out of doing things just so I could go read. I h... READ MORE
Evie  Cunningham
Girl in Pieces
Hard hitting but great read
A difficult topic to read and can be triggering but it really does show the reality of self harm and mental health! Personally I love the way it’s wrote an... READ MORE
Lexie  Erskine
Girl in Pieces
Well worth reading
After reading other reviews on this book, I wanted to read it myself to help me to understand why some people with mental health issues self harm. It is an... READ MORE
Jo bookworm
Girl in Pieces
Beautiful read
Such a heartfelt read, beautifully written.
Aimee Jones
Girl in Pieces
Beautiful read
Such a heartfelt read, beautifully written.
Aimee Jones
Girl in Pieces
Absolutely incredible
By far one of the best books I've read I loved it so much literally couldn't put it down I related so much to the story and some tears were shed.
Girl in Pieces
Loved it!
I loved this book, although at sometimes it would get a tiny bit confusing to understand some events, it was amazing! Very real. I was sad when it ended.
Ashleigh  Woodjetts
Girl in Pieces
Girl In Pieces
This book is hyped up to the max, I read this book within 2 weeks, and I am utterly disappointed in this book this story line was such a mess, the beginnin... READ MORE
Miss Gucci
Girl in Pieces
read it
Oh my lord I’m in love with this book.
Ry =)
Girl in Pieces
one of the best books i’ve ever read.
you don’t see many books about these topics but i’m really glad this one covers it so well. i struggle with these myself and i find myself relating to the ... READ MORE
evie simpson
Girl in Pieces
Beautiful story
I am in love with this book. Not only the way it is written but the story is beautiful. Many can relate to this book and others can learn from it. I really... READ MORE
Little Reader
Girl in Pieces
fantastic read !!!
ahhh i loved this book so much, it was so refreshing to see that sensitive topics were not just glossed over and this book showed the reality that many peo... READ MORE
Nicole Winkler
Girl in Pieces
Such a good read!
Just amazing, I couldn’t put it down, there was drama and pulling at my heart strings around every corner. Definitely recommend!
Emma Butcher
Girl in Pieces
Didn't know if I'd like it but it is an amazing book, I've already read almost half of it and I bought it only a few hours ago! I can't recommend enough th... READ MORE
Eva Carney
Girl in Pieces
My whole body shook with every turning page
If you are into books that are all about sunshine and rainbows, this book is not for you. It is not for the weak of heart. The worst part is, people experi... READ MORE
Andriana Sakka
Girl in Pieces
For the girls who don’t know how to show their pain…
Firstly, check trigger warnings but this book…I personally found I could relate to so much. It is written very erratically which some people don’t like - I... READ MORE
Jess Savory
Girl in Pieces
simply amazing
this is probably one of the best books ive read!!
abbey valentine
Girl in Pieces
Heartbreaking and incredible
I literally couldn't put this book down. Absolutely loved it. I found myself really emotionally attached to the main character, always rooting for her. Man... READ MORE
Lisa Coyle
Girl in Pieces
Its hard to explain but its amazin
girl in pieces is a long read and has increadible thinking on the world from another persons perspective and is heart wreaching in the best way possible i ... READ MORE
Eleanor Moutrie
Girl in Pieces
Favourite book
I started reading the book and couldn't get in to it, I tried reading it again and I couldn't put it down, I love the way it was written; they way that it ... READ MORE
Kelsi  Mitchell
Girl in Pieces
Couldn’t put it down
I couldn’t put it down, for the day, everywhere I went, the book came with me until I had finished it in a matter of 8 hours. When I read the blurb, I felt... READ MORE
Caitlin Anslow
Girl in Pieces
I can’t put it down.
It has helped me with my mental health and helped me to discover that I am not alone with my struggles. Really amazing book
Meghan Murphy
Girl in Pieces
I could read this book a thousand times and never get bored. By far one of my favourite books, I can’t wait to read the others:)
Darcey Wills
Girl in Pieces
F***ing angelic
This book makes the world feel realistic, that it’s not all just a happy fairytale. At first I was hesitant to read this book, apprehensive due to the them... READ MORE
Eilidh Cowan