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Funny Story: Exclusive Edition

Fiction, General Fiction
Hardback Published on: 25/04/2024
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Bookseller Reviews

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Funny Story
Puts sMiles on faces!
This one hit close to home for me. As with Emily Henry's typical psychic ability, she prescribes an anecdote in the form of Funny Story to assuage emotions... READ MORE
Xin Yi Heah
Funny Story
Miles? Miles.
I have only dabbled into the world of Emily Henry for 2 weeks — courtesy of my dear friend who is the BIGGEST EmHen advocate there is. Within those 2 weeks... READ MORE
Josie - Broadgate
Funny Story
Typical EH - cosy, spicy, funny and familiar
Daphne had her whole life planned out in front of her. That is until her fiancé dumps her for his childhood best friend and runs off into the sunset with D... READ MORE
Katie in Darlington
Funny Story
Emily Henry has perfected emotionally rich romances
Emily Henry has perfected emotionally rich romances in a way that I haven't seen any of her contemporaries do. There is indeed a formula to these (they are... READ MORE
Sanket Sharma
Funny Story
My First Emily Henry and I loved it!!
I've never read an Emily Henry, but as a bookseller I've heard a lot about her, so when Penguin sent me an early copy of Funny Story I knew this was my tim... READ MORE
Joanna at St. Neots
Funny Story
Emily Henry’s best book to date
This book is a true treat for fans of Henry and the perfect place to start for anyone new to her writing. I completely devoured this book in just a few sit... READ MORE
Molly at Silverburn
Funny Story
Escapist perfection!
Funny Story was exactly that: funny! My goodness did this book make me laugh out loud in places. It was a joy to read, and I quickly got swept up in the dr... READ MORE
Victoria at Aviemore
Funny Story
Only my second Emily Henry, but it won't be my last
I don’t read many romcoms, but I read ‘Book Lovers’, because of the title, and really enjoyed it. So when I saw that review copies of ’Funny story were ava... READ MORE
Fiona Ellwood at Leicester Highcross
Funny Story
Great surprise!!
I hadn’t heard of Emily Henry, but I expect to hear lots of good things, and will certainly read more of her books. An excellent modern romance, well to... READ MORE
Funny Story
It's a Funny Story alright!
Daphne has recently been dumped by seemingly perfect fiance Peter for his totally-nothing-to-worry-about best friend Petra. In the thralls of heartbreak an... READ MORE
Abigail at Wokingham
Funny Story
An addicting friends-to- fake dating- to- lovers storyline
In Funny Story Emily Henry delivers an addicting friends-to- fake dating- to- lovers storyline, providing a refreshing take on traditional romance tropes. ... READ MORE
Liberty at Windsor
Funny Story
Cathartic and Romantic
I'm not an objective reviewer of Emily Henry books. She creates some kind of alchemy of drama and romance which just speaks to me very deeply, they are jus... READ MORE
Lore at Enfield
Funny Story
Emily Henry just gets better and better!
Thank you to Netgalley and to Viking Books/Penguin Huddle for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! Okay. Where c... READ MORE
Millie Slingsby
Funny Story
Emily Henry does it again
Full of perfect banter, excellent side characters and a charming setting, it is easy to say that I thoroughly loved this book. Daphne and Miles are a gorg... READ MORE
Funny Story
EmHen has done it again
Just two people who were not supposed to fall in love, but did in the best way. Daphne has the life every woman could dream about, a loving mother, a... READ MORE
Elodie Robert
Funny Story
And that my friends is another one!!!!!
Emily Henry does it again!!! I could not put this down and devoured it in one sitting. Emily has a way of balancing steamy and witty, all her characters ha... READ MORE
Funny Story
This was the Funny Story I Longed to Read
Funny Story gently pressed against all of the tender spots in my heart, and I truly think this is Emily Henry at her best. Daphne and Miles' story is a bea... READ MORE
Afra Fathibitaraf
Funny Story
Emily Henry's best yet!
This is my third Emily Henry book and officially my favorite. Loved the characters, loved the story. I was completely invested right from the start. Honest... READ MORE
Bree M (@bookshopbree)
Funny Story
Always a favourite
Every time I think there's no way that Emily Henry can write another stunner of a book and I get so nervous before reading, but she continues to have no fl... READ MORE
Libby Low
Funny Story
Oh Emily Henry, my love, you will never disappoint me!
In my opinion, what Emily Henry writes best are characters. They feel incredibly real and three-dimensional, and, most importantly: they seem to genuinely ... READ MORE
Laura at Clapham Junction


A shimmering, joyful new novel about a pair of opposites with the wrong thing in common, from #1 New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author Emily Henry.

Daphne always loved the way her fiancé Peter told their story. How they met (on a blustery day), fell in love (over an errant hat), and moved back to his lakeside hometown to begin their life together. He really was good at telling it...right up until the moment he realized he was actually in love with his childhood best friend Petra.

Which is how Daphne begins her new story: Stranded in beautiful Waning Bay, Michigan, without friends or family but with a dream job as a children's librarian (that barely pays the bills), and proposing to be roommates with the only person who could possibly understand her predicament: Petra's ex, Miles Nowak.

Scruffy and chaotic-with a penchant for taking solace in the sounds of heart break love ballads -Miles is exactly the opposite of practical, buttoned up Daphne, whose coworkers know so little about her they have a running bet that she's either FBI or in witness protection. The roommates mainly avoid one another, until one day, while drowning their sorrows, they form a tenuous friendship and a plan. If said plan also involves posting deliberately misleading photos of their summer adventures together, well, who could blame them?

But it's all just for show, of course, because there's no way Daphne would actually start her new chapter by falling in love with her ex-fiancé's new fiancée's ex...right?

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 2928377225186
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Weight: 750g
  • Dimensions: 240 x 156 x 40 mm

Customer Reviews

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Funny Story
The perfect romance to read this summer!
Told with Emily Henry’s signature warmth and wit, this adorable rom-com encourages you to keep hope alive, even when life throws its hardest curveballs. ... READ MORE
Lauren True
Funny Story
Emotional, funny, sad, touching and just an all round engaging read.
Miles and Daphne were complicated, lovely, genuine, good, sometimes messy, broken (but not irreparably so) and relatable characters. Their chemistry was p... READ MORE
Isabell Munos
Funny Story
Absolutely loved it!
Funny Story by Emily Henry I give this book 4.75 stars My Thoughts This now has top spot out of all this authors books. The sign of a great read th... READ MORE
Funny Story
The best Emily Henry so far
Emily Henry has done it again. Wow what a read! Thank you to Penguin Huddle & Viking Books for my arc copy
Violet Daniels
Funny Story
Emily Henry has done it again
Just two people who were not supposed to fall in love, but did in the best way. Daphne has the life every woman could dream about, a loving mother, a fi... READ MORE
Elodie Robert
Funny Story
Amazing book
Easily 5* stars for me. Loved it from the start, there was no dull moment for me in this book. I was worried it was going to be cliche given the plot but i... READ MORE
Ryen Willson
Funny Story
My favourite EmHen book yet!
Emily Henry does it again! I was beyond excited to find this in my inbox last week and I absolutely sped through this book. I couldn't put it down. F... READ MORE
Porsche Barrett
Funny Story
5-star perfection!
I actually squealed when Funny Story popped into my inbox out of the blue. I know how lucky I am, and I’m very grateful to Penguin Random House – thank you... READ MORE
Fran (with the book addiction)
Funny Story
EmHen does it again
It's a truth universally acknowledged that Emily Henry doesn't know how to write a bad story. Every time I read one of hers, I am completely taken in by t... READ MORE
Funny Story
Emily Henry’s best yet
Emily Henry knocks it out of the park again! Queen Henry delivers again with another fantastic novel that hits the make for all the motions. We have fak... READ MORE
Laura Matthews
Funny Story
This is my favourite Emily Henry so far.
The characters are a delight to spend time with, I loved them all, I even loved hating Petra & Peter. Obviously, I was a huge fan of Daphne & Miles (even a... READ MORE
Rebecca Tait
Funny Story
Another hit from Emily Henry!
thank you so so SO much to netgalley and the publisher for sending me this arc! oh my god. emily henry you have done it again. it has been so long since... READ MORE
Harriet Field
Funny Story
A new hit from Emily Henry
Here we are again to review another Emily Henry book. Always a fun time because reading Emily's books is the best time, so talking about them is something ... READ MORE
Ana Lopez
Funny Story
Another utterly joyful romantic masterpiece!
Fabulously characters, in the perfectly relatable Daphne and the lovely Miles, and an intriguing and creative plot. I’m was already impatiently waiting for... READ MORE
Small Adventurist
Funny Story
Another winner!
Funny Story is my fifth book by Emily Henry, and my love affair with her stories continues. I adore her characters, they’re so warm, charming, and relatabl... READ MORE
Funny Story
Emily Henry at her best
Daphne and Miles were never meant to be roommates - but when their respective partners decided to dump them to be with each other, they end up living toget... READ MORE
Sharon Leavy
Funny Story
Emotional, funny, sad, touching and just an all round engaging read.
Miles and Daphne were complicated, lovely, genuine, good, sometimes messy, broken (but not irreparably so) and relatable characters. Their chemistry was pe... READ MORE
Isabell Munos
Funny Story
Heartwarming and hilarious
I absolutely loved this book. The characters were hilarious, their plights very relatable, and the plot was very well paced. Emily Henry manoeuvres us thro... READ MORE
Ayesha Ali
Funny Story
had me kicking my feet and squealing like a little kid
If you know me, you'll know that Emily Henry's books have had me in a chokehold since I read Beach Read three and a half years ago. I've devoured and loved... READ MORE
Meg Terzza
Funny Story
Fun and uplifting!
I've yet to meet an Emily Henry tale I don't love, and ‘Funny Story’ is no exception. As always, I was completely immersed in the characters, setting and p... READ MORE
Sarah Faichney
Funny Story
Loved this book
I know when I pick up a book by Emily Henry, I am in for a five star whirlwind of feel good vibes and romance. I say whirlwind, because I cannot stop readi... READ MORE
Kate Thurston
Funny Story
This was incredibly good!
This was incredibly good! I didn't expect anything less from Emily Henry, but it still wowed me In Funny Story, Daphne ends up sharing an apartment with... READ MORE
Amanda Fiorani
Funny Story
Loved every minute!
I did my best to try to savour this book. I absolutely loved every second of it and when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. Daphne and Miles... READ MORE
Alison Millar
Funny Story
Emily Henry has done it again
What a gorgeous, powerful romance. I adored the friendship, humour, vulnerability and growth in both Daphne and Miles stories. Daphne and Miles are present... READ MORE
Orla Grant
Funny Story
Loved it!
Ooh I was ridiculously excited when I saw the email for Funny Story in my mailbox! So far I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Emily Henry. She never fail... READ MORE
Donna Healey
Funny Story
Another winner
I may have used the phrase 'compulsively readable' about Emily Henry's books before. If I have, I stand by it and this one is no exception. I was swiftly a... READ MORE
Sarah Wilson
Funny Story
Utter perfection
I’m going to cut out my heart and send it to Emily Henry. She deserves it, she’s won it, she owns it. I’ll put it in a cute gift box and tie it up with a b... READ MORE
Karen Cundy
Funny Story
Funny, sexy, and utterly delightful!
“I’m not sure what parts of me are him and which parts are genuinely my own. And I want to know. I want to know myself, to test my edges and see where I st... READ MORE
Smilla Toft
Funny Story
This might be Emily Henry's best yet
Well, she's done it again. I had been counting down the days until I got a chance to read Funny Story and it did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, ... READ MORE
Ellis Cochrane
Funny Story
Another winner by Emily Henry!
I love it when one of my most anticipated books turns up a winner and this one was definitely one!   When Daphne's fiancé leaves her for his best fri... READ MORE
Andriana EB
Funny Story
A quiet yet touching romance that will make you swoon
thank you penguin/viking books for sending me an early copy to read and review!! i can’t believe i took almost a month to read funny story, but in my de... READ MORE
Funny Story
Another brilliant Emily Henry book!
I was extremely excited to be approved for this arc, seeing as I have loved all of Emily Henry's books so far. We fall into this 'funny' story with our ma... READ MORE
Funny Story
Best one yet!
I feel like I say this with every Emily Henry book, but this is my favourite one so far! Funny Story has the best humour, my favourite tropes and puts you ... READ MORE
Rachel Swanson
Funny Story
Funny story made LOL
I liked Miles our main MMC and I’m not sure I loved Daphne as much but these two when choosing to live together because their partners decide to dump them ... READ MORE
Sharley Brown
Funny Story
This is the Emily Henry I love.
After having problems with Emily Henry's last book, I went into this one with caution. Funny Story has an interesting premise to kickstart the journey, ... READ MORE
Lynn Allington
Funny Story
Emily needs to stop trying to destroy me
Ahhh, once again, Emily Henry destroys me in the best possible way. This was such an unexpected plot, and it felt almost claustrophobic at times, but in... READ MORE
Tika MacPhee
Funny Story
Perfect for romcom lovers
This is Emily Henry’s fifth novel, and I have loved every one of them. If I had to choose, my favourites before this one are Beach Read and Book Lovers. ... READ MORE
Suzanne Sharman
Funny Story
Very emotional story
This was a lovely story, emotional at times and very true to life. Some lovely characters and a great storyline. The kind of conclusion I enjoy..
Patricia Moren
Funny Story
Stellar, profound, and full of the kind of searingly earnest romance that makes you kick your feet in the air with joy.
Daphne thought her life was finally perfect when she met Peter. She was in love, had a beautiful new home in his hometown, Waning Bay, Michigan, and her dr... READ MORE
Rebecca Barrett
Funny Story
My NEW second favourite of Emily Henry's books!
4.25 stars
Siofra K
Funny Story
Such a great read with so much to love!
There are some guarantees in life and one of those is that I am going to adore any novel that Emily Henry delivers into the universe
Carly’s Library
Funny Story
Completely predictable
Nothing was a surprise in this book
rebecca pollitt