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Fourth Wing

Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Hardback Published on: 02/05/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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Fourth Wing
An entertaining, but flawed read
An addictive fantasy story with dragons, a love story, and a dark/murderous dark academia setting. However, this is a book with lots of potential, but, sad... READ MORE
Blanca at Basingstoke
Fourth Wing
Amazing, exciting, captivating
Right from the first page this books will capture you and not let go. Has the whole thrilling training and getting good at something, while the enemies to... READ MORE
Ayse Yildizoglu
Fourth Wing
Deserves all the hype and praise and more!
This book is an incredibly immersive and addictive read, to the extent that I lost sleep as I couldn’t put it down due to the grip it had on me. I loved ... READ MORE
Laura at Blackpool
Fourth Wing
Pure perfection!
Fourth Wing is easily one of the best books that I have read this year - and that is saying something! It is addictive and pulse racing in all the best ... READ MORE
Chloe Barnfield
Fourth Wing
Enemies to lovers, romance and Dragons what more could you want!
This is by far my favourite book of the year and it will be an incredibly tough one to beat! I cannot express how much I enjoyed reading this book I did... READ MORE
Eleanor  Raper
Fourth Wing
An instant forever favourite!
Fourth Wing just singlehandedly saved my love for fantasy books and simultaneously pulled me out of a reading slump as deep as the Mariana Trench. Will a... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Fighting for the Sarah J Maas Crown
This story was incredible. It is one of those books where I am happy to recommend this to anyone and everyone, in theory. There was some saucy scenes but h... READ MORE
Lottie at Bluewater
Fourth Wing
The PERFECT fantasy romance!
This has become an ALL TIME FAVOURITE fantasy! Fourth Wing is a Fantasy Romance that has taken the world by storm... and rightfully so. First and foremost... READ MORE
Léa at Brighton
Fourth Wing
Welcome to my new obsession
FOURTH WING omg omg omg THIS BOOK Well, welcome to my new obsession everybody. This book had a bold one me from start to finish. It was so fast pace... READ MORE
Hannah Kate at Liverpool
Fourth Wing
A romantic fantasy that actually has plot!!
For a romantic fantasy book I thought the balance between the romance and the fantasy was actually done really well and there was still a lot of plot happe... READ MORE
Libby Low
Fourth Wing
Absolutely obsessed
Rebecca Yarros's "Fourth Wing" is an extraordinary addition to the fantasy genre that will enchant readers from beginning to end. From the moment I beg... READ MORE
Millie Harris
Fourth Wing
I have found a new book boyfriend: Xaden Riorson
If you're a fan of fast-paced novels with dangerous adventures, scorching romance, and dragons, then you definitely won't want to miss out on this one! Thi... READ MORE
Celina, Waterstones Liverpool One
Fourth Wing
I have found a new book boyfriend: Xaden Riorson
Celina, Waterstones Liverpool One
Fourth Wing
Best book of the year!
Praise Rebecca Yarros for this utter triumph! I devoured this book, an incredibly gripping story, scorching romance and dragons! A true masterpiece... READ MORE
Amy Jagger
Fourth Wing
Just awesome
This book is everything the hype suggests it is. It builds and builds to a crescendo which does not disappoint and leaves you just wanting more. The charac... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Fast-paced, twisty, must read
Fourth Wing is THE book for anyone looking to enter the fantasy genre for the first time or a seasoned fantasy reader who wants to get lost in a brilliant ... READ MORE
Charlotte at Crawley
Fourth Wing
Dragons. What more do I need to say?
4.5 stars Look I’m not saying that this is the best book to ever be written or that it’s going to win the Booker Prize or anything… but man is it addict... READ MORE
Millie Slingsby
Fourth Wing
Skandar and the Unicorn for adults
Set in a world were war is raging between dragon riders and gryphon riders, we follow Violet Sorrengail on her quest through rider school to become bonded ... READ MORE
Jimbo James
Fourth Wing
Popcorn reading
Overhyped. If you've never read fantasy before and want a spicy romance with the props of fantasy but none of the depth, this will do it. The world-buildin... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
My favourite book i’ve read this year.
I cannot sing enough praises about this amazing new fantasy read! An addictive read from start to finish, with twists and turns at every chapter this book ... READ MORE
Emily Gough
Fourth Wing
Wow so this book lives up to the hype! It’s addictive, well-written, explosive, thrilling and steamy…just has everything you could possibly want in a fantasy novel!
Wow so this book lives up to the hype! It’s addictive, well-written, explosive, thrilling and steamy…just has everything you could possibly want in a fanta... READ MORE
Georgia Cook
Fourth Wing
The best fantasy of 2023
Everything is just so perfectly measured, from the romance, to the action, to the politics. I worried that it would fall too much into one trope or another... READ MORE
Holly at Oldham
Fourth Wing
Gripping, addictive - a must read!
“I don’t deserve you.” His arm curls around my hips and he tugs me closer. “But i’m going to keep you all the same.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After ta... READ MORE
Emily Gough
Fourth Wing
Believe the Hype
I came late to this one - comparatively - but I’ve made up for it in my gushing since. What a fab read! So many ‘I didn’t see that coming’ moments. Such a ... READ MORE
Jen Mackay at Windsor
Fourth Wing
You’re new addition!
I was recommended this book from a friend and I hadn’t heard about the hype about this book online so I was lucky enough to go into the story blind and I a... READ MORE
Sophie Baker


Welcome to the brutal and elite world of Basgiath War College, where everyone has an agenda, and every night could be your last... Twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail was supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant, living a quiet life among books and history. Now, the commanding general - also known as her tough-as-talons mother - has ordered Violet to join the hundreds of candidates striving to become the elite of Navarre: dragon riders. But when you're smaller than everyone else and your body is brittle, death is only a heartbeat away... because dragons don't bond to 'fragile' humans. They incinerate them. With fewer dragons willing to bond than cadets, most would kill Violet to better their own chances of success. The rest would kill her just for being her mother's daughter - like Xaden Riorson, the most powerful and ruthless wingleader in the Riders Quadrant. She'll need every edge her wits can give her just to see the next sunrise. Yet, with every day that passes, the war outside grows more deadly, the kingdom's protective wards are failing, and the death toll continues to rise. Even worse, Violet begins to suspect leadership is hiding a terrible secret. Alliances will be forged. Lives will be lost. Traitors will become allies... or even lovers. But sleep with one eye open because once you enter, there are only two ways out: graduate or die.

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • ISBN: 9780349436999
  • Number of pages: 512
  • Weight: 771g
  • Dimensions: 236 x 164 x 48 mm

Customer Reviews

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Fourth Wing
Breathless, romantic, action packed ride! Favourite book of 2023
I cannot fully articulate how much I loved this book. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat, and when I finished I had the overwhelming urge to just start it all ov... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Undoubtedly one of the BEST books i have ever read!! With exhilarating highs, and heartbreaking lows Rebecca Yarros has produced something incredibly amaz... READ MORE
Andrea Morgan
Fourth Wing
Phenomenal Series
I read this book In three days! Once I started I didn’t want to put it down. If I could describe this book in one world it’s phenomenal! Since finishing I ... READ MORE
Emma Howard
Fourth Wing
Utterly purile. It is written for teenagers I suspect. Certainly not adult reading. Very poor. Do not believe the over the top hype.
Fourth Wing
Good, but not worth the hype
This book has a great plot ( dragons at a war college!!) and the action kept me reading it but the romance is obvious and not very well developed. I love t... READ MORE
Annabella Clayton
Fourth Wing
Every now and again I pop back into this genre and see what is going on…and stumble across a new idea. Look, there’s plenty of recognisable themes in this ... READ MORE
Cheryl McGhie
Fourth Wing
Season of the Dragon
I think this is a fun decent book. I can see why people love this book and why they hate it. I might read the sequel, but I did guess a few things in the ... READ MORE
Siofra K
Fourth Wing
slow burn enemies to lovers plus dragons
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is a slow-burn, enemies to lovers fantasy romance set at a brutal war college where every day could be the last. And there ar... READ MORE
Karina Webster
Fourth Wing
Unappealingly Limpid Mary-Sue MC.
I really wanted to love this book as I read adult High Fantasy in particular (Salvatore, Tolkien, etc) and while I did enjoy the character of Xaden and the... READ MORE
Els Scholey
Fourth Wing
I'm not going to lie, the only thing that brought me to this book was the fact that it was written by Rebecca Yarros. I am very familiar with her work and ... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Completely Blown Away!
Violet is the youngest child of the decorated General Sorrengail, but suffering from a chronic illness at birth means it seems much more sensible for her t... READ MORE
Liv Burrell
Fourth Wing
I have never loved a book faster than I did this one. The world building is phenomenal, the characters are amazing. The dragons! My new all time favourite ... READ MORE
Amy R
Fourth Wing
The hype is real and the hype is justified. What an excellent fantasy novel. EXCELLENT. The characters are brilliant, the world building is done so smoot... READ MORE
Becky - Head In The Pages
Fourth Wing
Believe the hype, its my read of the year
Headlines: Shadows and light Fated to hate Hidden truths Just a wow to all the goodness in these pages. It felt like there wasn't wasted word, page or con... READ MORE
Micky - bookphenomena
Fourth Wing
I read the entire book in under 24 hours
I read the entire book within 24 hours of starting I dont write a lot of reviews however the book is amazing and i eagerly await the sequel. It is everythi... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
This is definitely a must! U have to read! This is my second fantasy book that I have read and it makes me want to never stop reading. It is just beyond am... READ MORE
Aimee Lockwood
Fourth Wing
Absolutely Amazing
1000/10 would recommend reading this book, I enjoyed every moment of it, it’s all I can think about! The story and the writing was on point! Can’t wait for... READ MORE
Amie Stenner
Fourth Wing
THE BOOK OF 2023!!
I almost always write long reviews about books, especially if there are some things that I feel strongly obliged to rant about
Lynn Schulz
Fourth Wing
I love reading all sorts of different books, but always a good fantasy where you can forget real life and just sink away into another world, and this is ju... READ MORE
Olivia Jackson
Fourth Wing
I loved this book so much
it has everything I could want, magic dragons, romance, friendship, drama, suspense. The best book I've read in a while
Fourth Wing
Worth the Hype
Wow! What a totally addictive read, I loved every second of this journey. Usually I try to avoid the "hype" books until its quietened down so as not to get... READ MORE
Rebekah Mahood
Fourth Wing
Absolutely Breathtaking Storytelling!
I didn't really know anything about this storyline before starting this audiobook. Obviously, I've seen it's hype, but that means very little! Being a per... READ MORE
Debbie, 1970, UK
Fourth Wing
Brilliant read.
This is an outstanding read but there are elements of predictability about it hence the four stars. For instance; Violet, our main character, a small and f... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
I have procrastinated like you wouldn't believe when it came to reading this book. Like seriously it’s been out over two months, and I only bought a copy l... READ MORE
Tracey Lintott
Fourth Wing
I loved this book so much it was just so.hooking it kept you right on the edge during the whole thing I just couldn't stop reading it
Elliott Landolfi
Fourth Wing
No words to describe
Probably one of the best reads I have read this year. Yarros pulls you into a new world that I haven’t read since Eragon, and it brought back childhood mem... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Brilliant fantasy a must read
One of the best fantasy books you will read all year. The first in a new series that reaches the dizzy heights immediately. You have brutal trials to becom... READ MORE
Charlotte  Pawson
Fourth Wing
This lives up to the hype!
You. Guys. This book lives up to the hype!!!! I listened to this as an audio book and binged it so hard. The characters are wonderfully written and I esp... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Non-stop, action packed, superb
I binge-read this book, not only was it action packed and kept you on your toes, it was emotional in all the right ways, many twists and turns along the wa... READ MORE
Martine Hamilton
Fourth Wing
I think I now love dragons !
I have loved many books so far this year but I can say that this book has taken the first spot. EASILY. I mostly read fantasy but I've never really been a... READ MORE
Alexia Vuillamier
Fourth Wing
Fun, sheer unadulterated fun
Reading this felt like having a teenage crush - I don’t know how else to explain it, I still feel slightly lovesick! It’s not all romance - the action and ... READ MORE
Imogen Dodds
Fourth Wing
Couldn't put it down
This book made me remember what it's like to be gripped to a book so hard that I couldn't put it down. I have no idea where the story is gonna end up but a... READ MORE
Jasmine Carhart
Fourth Wing
Fantastic read
Absolutely love this book! Such a good story and can not wait for the next one to come out.
Hannah  Waite
Fourth Wing
Not worth the Hype.
There are many better books to spend your time reading within the genre.
mitchell kirkpatrick
Fourth Wing
This book blew me away. I love the way Rebecca Yarros wrote this, the perfect mixture of information and world building with the adrenaline rush of Violets... READ MORE
Kira Gemain
Fourth Wing
Astonishingly Amazing !!
There arnt enough words to describe how much I love this book. Keeping me hooked from start to finish, not a reading slump in sight ! This book captured ... READ MORE
Emily Heathcote
Fourth Wing
Interesting and easy to read
First fantasy that I read in many years. 5 stars for Tairn. Even though there was used common fantasy/romance tropes, still was interesting to read. I w... READ MORE
Anastasiia Trofymova
Fourth Wing
Captivating Read
Absolutely loved this book! Finished it in 3 days and cannot wait to read the next book.
Scott Hughes
Fourth Wing
I now know what all the fuss is about!
Thank you to the publishers for this review copy, I just couldn't resist any longer as EVERYONE seems to be simply loving it! Having read it I can now see... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
Fourth Wing
The author misappropriated a language to add 'spice' to their book. Gàidhlig is a language that needs protected, preserved & promoted rather than used as l... READ MORE
Stuart Dutton
Fourth Wing
Plot holes and problematic representation
When it comes to overly popular books, I don’t tend to be swayed by popular opinion. I read books based on my interests. I have heard so many mixed respons... READ MORE
Heather @justgeekingby
Fourth Wing
made me cringe...
I was drawn to this book because of the dragons. And that was a massive disappointment. Everything around them. Where is the world-building? I felt everyth... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
fav book of 2023
best book that i have read in a while !! I’m so excited to get the next one: iron flame. a must-read if you like fantasy genre.
Andrea Ballesteros
Fourth Wing
It’s worth the hype!
Walked in to this book without any expectation! I haven’t been able to think about anything else, if you want a page turner with suspense and tension then ... READ MORE
Adele Garner
Fourth Wing
Just... FUN.
Is this a complex literary masterpiece? No. Is it the most fun, immersive read of the year? Quite possibly! This book has all the elements: *academic s... READ MORE
Rebekah Mahood
Fourth Wing
dare i say my book of the year so far…
libbie Jayne
Fourth Wing
An amazing book
Forth wing is so fast-paced that you feel like you are actually in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone. I think everyone should read it. For... READ MORE
Hollie Mars
Fourth Wing
I love this book so much!
Mariellys  Ricaurte
Fourth Wing
My favourite book of 2023…
I have no words except ‘remarkable’.
Ashley Tweats
Fourth Wing
Favourite book I’ve ever read
I wouldn’t even know where to begin, this book is just perfection in every sense of the word
Jaycie Leigh
Fourth Wing
This book was just… WOW. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel how good this book is. I don’t typically read fantasy (I’m trying to change t... READ MORE
Kimberley Caven
Fourth Wing
i want a dragon
i’m speechless…and impatient because i Desperately need book 2!!!! such an incredible book with great disability representation, 5 stars all around!
Fourth Wing
Love love love love loved it! Chuffing loved it!
It’s not over hyped it’s fantastic. A refreshing take on a fantasy book, set in a deadly academy. Traitors , twists, Dragons, and new lore. The main... READ MORE
Rhona Ferguson
Fourth Wing
Magnificent. 5 golden dragon stars.
I’m emotionally spent. Give me a few. I need to get my ducks in a row. I have the biggest book hangover and I don’t know how I can move on and read somet... READ MORE
Karen Cundy
Fourth Wing
I was so absorbed by this book that I read this book in 2 days. I love the competition, the plot twists, morality questions, dragons, action, dark romance ... READ MORE
Bethany Bailey
Fourth Wing
New Favourite
If you like a fantasy books you will love this. The plot is very well thought out and the characters are three-dimensional. They have flaws and layers, and... READ MORE
James Hawkins
Fourth Wing
#EnemiesToLovers #FantasyRomance #SlowBurn #DragonRiders #Heat “Putting on leathers doesn’t make you a rider, Vi. They’re going to tear you to threads, ... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
No research
The way different t words from different time periods are used is lazy writing to me. It wasn't ground breaking, but it just annoys me that there is an exc... READ MORE
Yasmine Bouhdaid
Fourth Wing
Beautifully amazing & full of Action!
This book was beautifully amazing and my favourite Fantasy book I read so far this year 2023!! This book took alot of my emotions out for me!! Listening to... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
Amazing romantasy! WITH DRAGONS!
Holy moly!!! I picked this up because Tik Tok did it’s job on me. I am not upset about that at all!! I’m absolutely hooked on the story and have immediatel... READ MORE
Fourth Wing
This is one of the biggest books on BookTok at the moment
And for good reason. In this book we follow Violet Sorrengail who wanted to enter the Scribe Quadrant. Basically surrounding herself with books and arch... READ MORE
Hannah Marie Brankley
Fourth Wing
Absolutely Hooked!!
I read a lot of books in 2023, and this was one that I struggled to put down!! This book was no slow burner, within a few chapters you were thrown into... READ MORE
Hayley Brown
Fourth Wing
Wished it was longer!
This Book!!! I couldn't get enough of this book, I was desperate for more. ACOTAR mixed with HTTYD into one book series is worth every read. If I had ... READ MORE
Nyah Bell
Fourth Wing
Fourth Wing
The moment I finished this book, I had to re-read it. It was impossible to put down and I flipped page after page never once getting tired of it. One of th... READ MORE
Ilioni B-P
Fourth Wing
Couldn't put it down
Enemies to lovers, sexual tension, dragons? What more can you want?? I absolutely loved this book, I could not put it down. Read it in two days!
Fourth Wing
I cannot wait to read the second one! This book had so many twists, it kept me engaged the entire time, I couldn't put it down.
Fourth Wing
No words. Just amazing.
Words cannot describe how much I LOVE this book. It is all I can ever think about whenever I am not around it. I love the enemy to lovers theme and how Vio... READ MORE
Georgia  Penny
Fourth Wing
Not as good as BookTok made it out to be.
This was good, but it is NOT worth the hype that BookTok have given it. I’m shocked this was given a Goodreads award, too, if I’m honest. I felt like ... READ MORE
Natalie M-E
Fourth Wing
This is one of the best books i have read in YEARS. I LOVED it. The last book that blew me away like this was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I finished ... READ MORE
Novel Luna